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2 Ways To Gain The Trust Of Your Customers With Inbound Marketing

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How could we draw our target customers into our funnel? That was the question, asked by a marketer to a digital marketing expert. The way the expert replied and explained was a transformational learning for the marketer. The marketer understood that selling is not the ultimate goal of inbound marketing, but it is more about creating a long lasting impression in the minds of the visitors and customers. Also, the expert pointed out that we must try to associate the target customers with the brand than merely pursuing them to buy our products or services.  Let’s remember that inbound marketing is not just advertising or creating better visibility of our products or services. It’s more about winning the confidence and trust of our target customers. How could we make it happen? How would you proceed to achieve it? The following are the TWO simple ways to do that.

1. Problem solving: Winning trust of your customers depends on how effectively you offer a solution to their problem. Hence, you need to focus on the problem-solving ability of your brand. That you can effectively explain through blogs, case studies, e-books or videos. Here, your objective is not to sell the product. You’ve to closely associate with the target customers,  who are browsing with similar problems to find out a more reliable solution. Hence, you need to concentrate more on the quality of your content than its length (70% of buyers say that written content, such as white papers and case studies should not be more than five pages).

2. Create an impression at every touch point: The modern customers believe in research and so they gather relevant information before taking a purchase decision. On an average every target customer goes up to 10 touches or more to verify and compare a product online. Hence, reassure that every time you are found by them, you deliver some new information, they are looking for. You cannot win their trust unless you are able to satisfy their appetite for more refined and concrete information. You must be ready with relevant technical details through webinars, videos, research papers etc. Remember that the research intervention deepens before every purchase. Here, as a marketer, you need to offer the right marketing mix. It includes the attributes of your product, pricing, places of availability and logistics of (home) delivery. This is the critical stage for winning the trust of your target customers. In a B2B research study, it was found that 76% of the buyers prefer different content at each stage of their search process and 89% accepted that their search is greatly induced by the cost factor of the item they are looking for.


You can simply win the trust of your target customers by reassuring them with ‘reliability’ (problem-solving ability) and ‘affordability’ (attributes, price, availability etc.) of your brand or product.


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Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Good article sir. But i think you can elaborate more on the problem solving part.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Thank you Nikita for sharing views. Yes, I could have done it. Since, space (scope in blog) is limited, I had to balance. Will try next time.

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