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20 Amazing Predictions About Future Trends In Retail

20 Amazing Predictions About Future Trends In Retail

Today’s customers are more demanding, informed and unforgiving of failure. As a result, retailers across the world are trying to come up with new, innovative ideas to attract and retain customers, improve brand loyalty, and provide a better shopping experience each time.

Retail Vision recently asked several experts from the world of retail, including IBM’s Ralph Jacobson, Retail Wire’s Rick Moss and Oracle’s Gib Bassett, to share their opinion on future trends and developments in the industry. While Rick Moss from the Retail Wire says that the coming years will belong to retailers who enable customers to make their own decisions, the Retail Champion’s Clare Rayner predicts a merging of all channels in the future, leading to new levels of personalization and co-creation between the retailer and the customer. IBM’s Ralph Jacobson foresees a bright future for retailers who focus on true brand enthusiasm within their targeted markets.

While omnichannel flexibility is a common theme for many, others point to technological advances that will change the world of retail beyond recognition in the coming years. Some of the most interesting opinions and predictions for the future of retail have been compiled below in a useful infographic. Have a look.Retail-Vision-Experts-Infographic

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