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20 Creative Content Ideas That Will Help You Succeed With Inbound Marketing

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Are you a curious inbound marketer? Then you are at the right place. Here is a list of 20 creative content ideas that you can use to make your inbound marketing efforts more effective.

  1. Create a blog post with weekly roundup of important updates about your industry. This will make visitors look up to this every week and you will get a good number of repeated and engaged visitors.
  2. List takeaways from a conference you recently attended. You can then send it to conference organizer suggesting to share with all attendees. You can also post pictures from the conference on Facebook and Instagram and tag those you met.
  3. Record an audio or video interview with an expert in your field and post it to your blog. Along with the audio or video interview, also post a transcript for users who enjoy reading more that watching video to listening to an audio interview.
  4. Post a slideshow of pictures from a recent industry event on your blog. Then, announce it across your social platforms. Many of your followers will end up visiting your website and check out more content on your website.
  5. Pick quotable content out of your blog posts and create tweets out of this content. Use a tool like clicktotweet to create tweets that your blog post readers can post as a tweet on their twitter account – just by clicking that link.
  6. Find influential users in your industry using Followerwonk and build relationship with them. If you retweet their content on a regular basis and connect with them – they may want to give back and retweet your content if it is good.
  7. Whenever you post the links to your blog posts or product page to your Twitter or Facebook – shorten the link using a tool like This way you will know how many times a particular blog post is clicked.
  8. Feature tools, people and companies in your blog posts and then cc them on your tweets to let them know that they are featured. Many of them will happily retweet your content.
  9. Most of the your old blog posts are never seen again. Do not let them die a premature death. Schedule them as part of tweets. If you post 10 tweets a day, it is ok to post 1 or 2 tweets linking to your old blog posts.
  10. Invite your twitter followers to sign-up for your newsletter at least once or twice a week. When you ask them to sign up offer a landing page link where they can sign up.
  11. Actively participate in Twitter chats related to your community. Ask questions and reply to questions wherever you know the answer. You can also host a weekly twitter chat – around a topic that potential customers of your product may be interested in.
  12. Announce on your Twitter and Facebook that you are looking community contributions for a new blog post. Ask them a questions – related to your blogpost. Create a blog post that features all good responses. Credit all those who contribute. Share the complete post with those who contributed. All of them will be happy to share with their contacts. This will create very good visibility for your brand.
  13. Post themed tweets on your account. For example if you are a fashion brand, your may offer a daily styling tip to your followers. If your tips are good – your followers will look forward to your updates.
  14. On Twitter, use #FollowFriday to prompt your followers to follow your most engaged community members. This will make your bond with community members even stronger and also get others excited to engage more with your brand – in order to be featured.
  15. Add the link of your newsletter in your Facebook about section. Also, use an app like Shortstack to create and add a email signup form to your Facebook tab.
  16. On Facebook, add milestone whenever you complete a significant goals. For example you can add a new milestone when you achiever your first 100, 500 or 1000 customers. Similarly, you can make new product announcements on your LinkedIn group.
  17. You can share behind the scenes pictures of your product creation process. For example, if you run a fashion brand – you can share pictures of a photo shoot or pictures of how a design is converted into a product.
  18. Create an album on Facebook that shows the personality of your brand. For example, you can create an album that showcases your team or your customers. You can also post pictures of an expert that you interviewed.
  19. You can add pictures of items related to your brand. For example if you are doing inbound marketing for a cookware company then you can post recipes and post them with pictures of the dish being made using your brand’s cookware.
  20. Dig into your site analytics and see which posts get the highest traffic. Create more of that type of content and chance are this content will also do well and get more traffic and engagement.

Hope you got some good idea to rekindle your inbound marketing efforts. Stay tuned for more.

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