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20 Creative Ideas To Rock On Social Media And Generate Leads Through Visual Content

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The importance of ‘visual content’ is undisputed everywhere. People prefer a photograph or a video or any other visual content over text or verbal explanation to take final decision, including purchasing. Be it a marriage negotiation, selection of an interior designer, choosing a product or service, presenting the research report or performance to the board, advertising a product or service etc., we cannot ignore the importance the visual content in pursuing the people to follow us or settle a deal or negotiation. It has been as established fact that the visual contents are mostly preferred and shared on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and even on Twitter. If you closely observe, you’ll find that the most viral contents on different social media platforms are not the texts but obsessively the visual contents, such as Photographs, Infographs, Selfie, Videos, Memes, PPT slides, etc. It is believed that the following 20 creative ideas may take your business to millions of potential customers organically or otherwise.

1.The Backdrop or Cover Image

It is the great absorber of visitors’ attention on social media space. Instead of giving a verbal explanation about a scary mountaineering trip to the prospective adventure tourists, it is always better to show them a video or some photographs. A visual content communicates better than a text or essay. You may prefer ‘visuals’ to promote your contests, events, new products and your home pages on different social media.

Scarry Mountain

2.Use Infographics

Nothing can better explain statistics than infographics, such as charts, graphs, tables etc. Be it a presentation on research findings, sales performance, productivity analysis, etc., the colorful infographics communicates the message much better than any other medium of communication.


3.Call-to-Action and Fall-to-Act

Generally a ‘call-to-action’ button on official website expects conversion of visitors into leads. But there is no guarantee that visitors will click. However, by using visuals you may increase click potential of that button. For example, you can use your Facebook image or a ‘Pin’ from Pinterest as your ‘call-to-Action’ button. Definitely the conversion rate will improve.

4. Multipurpose use of YouTube Video

Think beyond product promotion through video. Taking into consideration the increasing popularity of YouTube, you may incorporate multidimensional use of this medium. Apart from product promotion, you can use it to introduce your staff/professionals to your audience, you can do brand building by posting a video on your ‘Customers Speak’, you can promote event, product launch, your CSR initiatives, etc.

5. Cultivate interest in Pinterest

Pin and ‘Re-pin’ can turn your fortune on Pinterest. Engage customers organically by allowing them to submit their own ‘Pins’. You can recognize your followers by announcing and institutionalizing an award for those who top in the list ‘Re-pins’. This course of continued action will generate attention of more visitors to your page and activities.

6. Don’t hide behind Grape Vine

Be transparent and understandable to audience without any extra cosmetic make-up. An original quick vine video with true information can boost the confidence of your customers and followers. You get more fans by presenting your real status, such as your people, office space, common lounge, rest room, stores, etc.

7. Use Memes

Sometimes the images may fail to retain their popularity and viewers for a long time. Keep on changing and posting more creative photographs. Why don’t you try ‘memes’ instead of photographs? It may be more popular and even viral.

8. Try Instagram

In many instances Instagram is more effective in sending direct messages to your customers. It is not only effective in connecting with your customers on the space, but very much potential for getting your message shared with new customers.

9. Judicious use of Snapchat

There is controversy over use of Snapchat. But using it purposively and judiciously may fetch reputation and benefits to you. Just try it.

10. Sharing Power Point Slides

It is one of the most attractive ways to promote your educational objectives. The people who prefer step-wise and concrete information based understanding or learning, SlideShare is the most preferred platform for them. You as a marketer be there to educate your audience about your latest products or to convey relevant statistics.

11. Follow New Trends

Experts suggest integrating your website with your Pinterest page to optimize benefits through SEO. You may seek the help of professionals in this regard to get thing happen for you.

12. Never try Gags online but do Comics

It’s not advisable to use gags online, but you can post comics which are refreshing and entertaining for your audience and customers.

13. Product Catalogue is the must

Extensively use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for circulating and popularize your product catalogues. You may link those sites with your e-commerce website or online purchase portals. An attractive and creative (visual) catalogue may also be used as ‘call-to-action’ button. Don’t forget to mention the price, actual size, weight etc of the products on the catalogue. It’s essential on Pinterest.

14. Share Boards with other Brands

If you sell shoes/ slippers, then club your initiatives with a clothing company to pin fashions requirements. A furniture company might partner with a property (building) developer to pin the best furniture to decorate interior of the property.

15. Invite Innovations and Creative Minds

Encourage your audience, fans or customers to post commercials to promote your brand or product. Sometimes your customers may feel proud to be part of your campaign. But, take care so that good contributions are recognized and rewarded.

16. Opinion Survey

Opinion survey or ‘Polls’ can be used to engage customers or fans with your next product launch. It will keep excitements live among the audience and customers. You can invite them to express their expected or desired features about the product yet to be launched.

17. Use Inspirational Quotes

This is not meant for daily use. However, on social media posting such quotes consistently, either independently or along with content, may create an image about your organization culture in the mind of your audience and customers.

18. Organize Contests

Periodically organize photo contests or ‘best slogan contests’. This will not only engage your audience with you but also create a huge pool of contents for your future use.

19. Adopt Stakeholder Approach in addressing your audience

Different stakeholders of your business have different expectations from you. Don’t just mix up everything to a mess. Listen to them separately, understand them and accordingly decide your course and content for interaction and engagement. It’s a continuous process.

20. Make your Customers win and feature on your page

Regularly you can choose the ‘fan of the week’ or the ‘customer of the week/month’ or the ‘most frequent visitor’ or ‘the most active fan’, etc. This you can do either by hosting some competitions or on the basis of their contributions (such as sharing, posting valuable comments, etc.).


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