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20 Tools To Research And Write Remarkable Articles

20 Tools To Research And Write Remarkable Articles

There is no formula to follow when writing an article. Sure, there are correct formats and specific rules of language. But finding inspiration and effective methods is no exact science.

Every writer has an individual perspective and style. None of us are precisely the same, and this is what makes writing something original quite possible. But to research and write a noteworthy article you must first assess your own shortcomings.

Technology is providing an endless amount of tools to aid writers on their journey to success. Each resource has its own unique features, even though some may have similar focus. This list reviews 20 of the most popular sources and breaks them down into 2 appropriate categories.



Evernote is a convenient, free and widely used organization tool. The app combines information from various locations, integrates on all devices and has a quality transcription feature.



Trello is a great resource for collecting inspiration and scheduling projects. The app’s organization “cards” resemble Pinterest boards, provide collaborative options and are user-friendly.

  1. POCKETpocket

This adorable app saves various forms of media in one “pocket” and lets users view information even if offline. Pocket also integrates with over 1500 apps, making it the perfect way to organize ideas on the go.


Flipboard is a brilliant resource for inspiration. The online magazine is curated for the user, by the user. Search for topics, collect favorite articles and follow only sources of choice.


Buzzsumo is an encouraging resource tool. Learn what people are writing about and develop your own motivation. Search and discover key influencers and what content is most popular.


Essaymama is a professional writing service composed of qualified professionals that not only offers inspirational contests, but also a free blog full of ideas.

  1. QUORA

Quora is a question and answer site that allows the user to research any topic. . It’s the ultimate research partner and idea generator. Search any subject and find the most prevalent information on the web.


Dribbble dubs itself “Show and Tell for Designers” and is truly an uplifting network. Connect with other designers, promote your own content and gain access to limitless concepts.


The Hubspot Idea Generator will help jump-start your research by hand feeding you ideas. Enter 3 nouns in the provided spaces and receive endless topics and title recommendations.


Coschedule is a wonderful tool for scheduling and managing your workflow. The software integrates with all social media and is user-friendly. The headline generator is also useful in discovering your title.



The Hemingway app is an editor like Ernest himself. He was famous for communicating profound ideas with short sentences and this is the app’s main focus. Issues are highlighted and suggestions are provided along with a readability score.


Plagiarism can ruin a career, destroy reputations and is always a sticky situation. Use Plagtracker software and their unique checking algorithm to scan your work. You can remain focused and confident that you are always submitting original writing.


TitleCap is a simple tool and site that is handy for all writers. Enter your headline, choose the correct editing style and let TitleCap do the rest. The source will scan your title and ensure your capitalization game is on point.

  1. DRAFT

Draft is a simple and effective tool created by a writer, for writers. The word processor permits users to share work while maintaining version control, compare old drafts side-by-side and sync all information to the cloud.

  1. ILYS

Ilys is a superb imagination tool. First, a user must enter in their desired word count. The site will not allow any editing until the writer achieves the given word count. This can force a writer to change the way they think, thus developing a more effective creative process.


Storify is a drag and drop based editor that is easy to use. All of your work embeds instantly and the research features help build content rich articles.


GoodNotes is the perfect app for writers who feel most comfortable with pen and paper. They call it “Digital Ink” and it saves any handwritten notes on your devices. The tool also lets users mark directly on pdf files and offers cloud sync.


Portent has created a well-designed and entertaining way to tackle writer’s block. If you are feeling stuck, enter in a topic or word and receive endless headline ideas and suggestions.


Write app is a personal online notebook that provides a protected, distraction-free atmosphere for any writer. It offers convenient publishing and encrypts all documents (on and offline) for double security.


Ulysses is a straightforward and elegant app for writers. Although only available for Mac users, the powerful tool provides intuitive libraries of your information. The site also offers a newsletter and blog that are swarming with helpful tips.

Some of these resources may fit into more than one niche. We have done our best to place each in the most appropriate category. Remember, when writing any article you must first know your audience. Understanding your topics and readers is imperative to success.

Don’t be afraid to use what technology has to offer. Get started today and take a step out of the pen and paper universe. Although times have changed, the words remain the same. It’s up to you as the writer. Your unique perceptions and specific skills will be what reach your viewers.

From inception to creation, producing a remarkable article is an attainable goal. Writing and researching skills can be honed with practice and outside assistance will only enhance the process. Try these tools for access to a constant flow of inspiration and support.

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator, who draws his inspiration out of the traveling. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.

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  • 4 years ago

    John Zupancic   /   Reply

    Hi Kenneth,

    Awesome article about all the tools that can be used to research and write content. I would love to add Wriber to your list (we’re both a research and writing tool) if it’s a possible. Disclaimer: I’m the Founder.


  • 4 years ago

    Bhavneet Kaur Guliani   /   Reply

    Very helpful and informative article! Apprised me of so many new research tools.

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