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21 Content Creation Tips For Email Marketing

21 Content Creation Tips For Email Marketing

Sending emails to your potential customers is the best way to keep them engaged and interested in your products/services. Rather than applying for any job that comes your way, applying for a job that suits your skills/talents, dressing appropriately and carrying yourself with confidence, will improve your chances of getting a job. Similarly, rather than just sending emails to any email ID you can get your hands on, sending relevant content to the right people at the right time, with a clean design and a well-written copy, will improve the number of conversions you get through your email marketing campaigns.

A well-written copy should be like having a conversation with your viewers. Show them that they matter to you without being intrusive. Everybody wants to buy but no one likes being sold to. The purpose of your emailer should always be to guide them towards clicking the links in your emailer.  But before you get to converting people into your customers, you first need to get them to open your emails. It all starts with your ‘From Name’, your first impression.

From Name


  1. Using a person’s name as the ‘from name’, especially a woman’s name will improve your open rates.
  2. Using your company’s name as the ‘from name’ will improve your brand’s recall.
  3. Although there is one more thing you will have to keep in mind prior to the ‘From Name’ and that is the Sender ID, as your mails have to first get past the spam filters before anybody even gets to see them. Use words like ‘newsletters’ in the email ID you want to send the mails from, for example This will help you bypass the spam filters on the receivers end.

Subject line

  1. A good subject line should grab the attention of the viewer and make them open the mail. It should describe the content of your email in 10 -15 words. It’s no different than what a heading is to a blog or an article. Generally the formula used is:

Personal interest (something the audience will be interested in like ‘Get discount’ or ‘Learn digital marketing’) + What you are offering (‘50% off on shoes’ or 6 month course in digital marketing’) and if you like you could include a call to action as well.

  1. Keep in mind that 80% of the people view their mails on their phones and in some cases only the first 3 words are visible. So try and make the first 3 words the most eye-catching. For this purpose you could also consider splitting your subject line as ‘SALE ends soon! 50% off on all shoes’. Following is a video on how to create good subject lines:

  1. USE punctuations and caps wisely to highlight key points. Avoid excess punctuations!!!! and PUTTING THE ENTIRE SUBJECT LINE IN CAPS to prevent your mails from being marked as spam.
  2. Using your company name or product name or both will improve the chances of people opening your mail.


  1. Greet the viewer with their first name + Grab their attention in the first para + Use a call to action in the top half of your emailer. Other must haves include:
  • Company logo
  • Link to open the mail in browser
  • Unsubscribe Link – It’s mandatory in your e-mailer, to ensure it doesn’t get marked as spam.
  • Company’s mailing address and phone number
  • Links to your website and social media accounts
  1. If you want to make a point to a person, you won’t stop at just stating it. You will find ways to explain it in a way they can relate to, bring to notice things that back your point, anticipate the questions they may ask, wait for their responses and reply to their comments. Thereby building a conversation. Similarly start a conversation and keep it going, with every email you send.
  2. Keep the content relevant to what appeals to your target audience. For example if a B2C company sends case studies by email to their target audience with too much technical data, either people will ignore the mail, unsubscribe from the list or worse report the mail as spam.
  3. Be original with your content. If you want to use information or stats of other people’s research, then get their permission in advance and give them credit.
  4. How disappointing it would be if you were to burst a rocket called 25 shots and after all the anticipation it fizzles out. That’s exactly the feeling people will be left with about you, if you exaggerate things. Don’t exaggerate and don’t hard sell yourself.


  1. Choose a colour palette and stick to it for the entire campaign. Use the brightest colour of your palette for the heading
  2. Keep the outer background neutral like grey, so that your content can stand out.
  3. Use darker text on lighter backgrounds as much as possible. Doing the other way round will put a strain on the viewer’s eyes and use 90% black instead of pure black as it is easier on the eye.
  4. Don’t use more than 2 font types.
  5. Here’s the shocker! Try avoiding images, other than your logo in your email marketing campaigns. If you use too many images, Google will send your mail right to the promotions section, where the chances of your email getting deleted are higher.

However if you do decide to use images:

Image guidelines

  1. Keeping in mind the mobile users, restrict the width of your images to less than 840 pixels. Read the guidelines of your ESP (email service provider) to see the maximum width they allow. Try keeping the total file size of all images used in your emailer to less than 100kb, otherwise the emailer will take a long time to load.
  2. Take larger images and then downsize them to the width you need. If you try enlarging a small image to the width you require, then the image will look pixelated.
  3. Try using the same images as the ones you have put up on your website or used in any other promotions. This will improve your brand’s recall value.
  4. Avoid putting important text and call to actions in images. If the person viewing your mail has disabled their automatic image loading, then they will miss out on seeing your key marketing points. If you want to use text over images don’t put it like:


It makes the text very difficult to read. You could try putting a shadow under the text, but the best result is achieved when done with an overlay like this:


Don’t forget to proof-read your entire email for Spelling and Grammar mistakes!

There are many ways to approach email marketing. These are just few points to get you started. Keep testing and see what works best for you. If you have tried something that’s worked for you, share it with us by leaving a comment below.

Image source: Google

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