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25 Smart Web Analytics Tools For Your Business

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In any business, web analytics tools which has data tracking ability and interpretation is important to make good choice as it determines the fate of the company i.e. whether the business will succeed or fail !

Every business whether small or big needs to collect, track and analyze their data. But trying to understand the collected can be very confusing. Every time an individula visits your website, theybrings with them a new set of data which needs to be collected, measured, analyzed and reported.

The question is :

  • Why to track so many data?
  • What an online business should actually track?
  • How to Segment and when to Target your customers ?
  • How to use the tracked data effectively?
  • How is the business doing?
  • How to improve the performance?

To know whats happening on your website, how the customers are behaving after reaching your website landing page , a good analytics system is needed. It will tell you what is exactly happening on your website, by separtating ” what is working” and ” what is not.”

There are plenty of tools availabe in the market. These tools convert complex and huge data into easy to understand report, which gives you a clear insight of where your business is heading. All this helps you to improve your website effectiveness and make it even better.

Lets see the 25 web analytics tool availabe which will take your business to a higher level as your business grows old.

1. Google Analytics

One of the best tool and availabe for free on internet. Any website can use it to track and analyse the data regarding web traffic. This tool generate the report for your website like information about visitors, traffic source, content.

2. Adobe Digital Marketing Suite

Adobe SiteCatalyst is created by Adobe, mainly known for its Adobe Creative Suite and includes softwares like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

3. Coremetrics

IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics , now IBM Digital Analytics is a part of IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management group and works with the optional add-on IBM Digital Analytics Multisite. This tool is used by most of the e-commerce websites. Its user friendly and provides step by step customized statistical data to meet the business need.

4. iPerceptions

iPerceptions was founded in 2000 designed to be integrated with a core analytics application, such as Google Analytics, to provide a comprehensive look into the VoC. iPerceptions consists of five different components : webValidator, 4QSuite, WASP, Mobile Website Feedback and Tealeaf.

5. Google Analytics Premium

Introduced in 2011. It has advanced data capabilities, upto one billion hits per month with four hour data turnaround.

6. Web Trends

It is the oldest and the first web analytics soulution to enter into the market of digital world in 1993. It has custom mobile and social measurement features with unlimited custom metrics.

7. Mint

It is a self hosted tool. With this tool you can get real time statistics, which google analytics doesnot provide. You can track your visitors after they come to your website like : from where they are coming and what pages they are viewing.

8. Reinvigorate

This web analytics tool is of Webtrends. It acquired the company in 2011. Offers real time analytics across web, social and mobile channels at affordable price.

9. MixPanel

It entered the digital market in 2009. By July 2012 it was tracking 1 billion actions/month. It provides built-in analytics components and charts and graphs for sharing data.

10. KISSmetrics

Integrates with CRM, email marketing and other programs. Analyze data from multiple channels in a single interface. Offers a timeline view of visitor activity in visual format. Provides a free trial for 30 days.


Track data from any device and hence provide real-time data with unlimited attributes. It creates visitors profile and will help you to analyze individual visitor.

12. Site Spect

Offers A/B test and Multivariate testing solutions. Integrated with other analy tic
s products. Gives a full stat analysis from third-party analytics application.

13. Woopra

Offers real-time customer analytics and integrated CRM analysis within a single interface. It watch single visitor path in real-time. Also provide retention analytics, funnel analytics and segmented analytics.

14. Autonomy

Provides complete picture of customer experience, integrates data across every channel. Autonomy product range from VoC ( Voice of Customer) to customer feedback, social analytics, A/B testing and Multi-Variate testing.

15. AT Internet

Gives total customization, A/B and Multivariate testing, soft tagging feature is available with drag and drop functionality.

16. comScore Digital Business Analytics

It has been in digital world since 1999. The company handles more than1 trillion interactions from 172 different countries every month. It can be integrated with the third party apps and the option of in-cloud or on premise is available.

17. Yahoo Marketing Dashboard

Sponsored by American Express OPEN in May 2012. Pulls up the data from Yahoo! Web Hosting, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions or Google Analytics and provides unlimited visitor tracking and 24*7 customer support.

18. Piwik

Piwik is a free analyitcs tool with unlimited tracking ability, on premise data storage available. Supports 100+ search engines, reports and widgets are available for location based visitors, exporting is easy and you can do manual tracking of non-java enabled mobile users.

19. Clicky

Clicky is the robust web analytics tool today and it provides real time traffic information of your website. The main dashboard has a variety of website stats that can be customized based on date. Gives a link report which shows all external websites sending traffic to you. The actions metric measures all visitor actions like video views and downloads by the user. The search data gives list of incoming search keywords that brought the users to your website and with its SEO tool, Clicky shows the ranking for those keywords.

20. GoingUp

GoingUp is a free of cost with tracking and optimization tools to maximize your presence on the Web. It has following features :

  • Actions and goal tracking
  • Visitor location
  • User profile data
  • Inbound link monitoring
  • Google PageRank and Alexa Rank tracking
  • Page optimization tool

21. Open Web Analytics

It is available for free. Open Web Analytics is alternative to google analytics. Has on-premise solution, open source platform and gives real time data.

22. Stat Counter

Stat Counter was founded in 2006. It serves two million members and tracks more than ten billion page loads per month. Tracks unlimited websites, gives broad summary and deep-level visitor views
and has intuitive dashboard.

23. Site Meter

Gives real-time data and individual visitor tracking for the 100 most recent records in the Free version. Premium account record 4,000 to 25,000 individual data and up to 15 million page views per month. Provides individual visitor tracking data, single-visitor path view and broader statistical analysis.

24. Chartbeat

Primary focus of Chartbeat is on real-time data and real-time analytics. Its robust dashboard, Iphone app and email alerts notifies immediately of any server crash, or traffic spikes. It give a clear picture of your customers like whether they are reading, sitting idle and how far they are have gone with your web page.

25. GoSquared

It has actionable metrics that is needed by most of the e-commerce websites. It is a tool to measure visitor engagement. As it take the note of data in real time, you can know your traffic rise, social trends, how long visitor stayed on your website and many more.

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