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3 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For International Schools

3 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For International Schools

3 Best Marketing Strategies For International Schools:

1.) SEO

2.) Blogs

3.) Facebook Ads

Until recent schools never seriously planned a marketing strategy neither did they have a huge marketing budget nor did they employ a full time marketing professional. Competition is now increasing in this sector just like any other industry. All schools have their own niche and its own market. It is imperative to make ourselves visible to our prospective parents. Marketing is no longer an occasional activity but has to be done on a regular basis for best results.

Any marketing plan starts out with three fundamental steps:

  1. Research: Where is our school and where we want our school to be?
  2. Create and implement marketing strategies
  3. Measure, learn and evolve.

Any marketing content that we use must be relevant and interesting whatever the method used.We need to provide our readers with content that they are actually interested in and it must be easily accessible. This will help in reducing our bounce rates to a good extent. The key is to understand whom our audience are, where they are looking, and what they are looking for, and then making sure you are able to visible to them with the answers they are looking for.

After  having implemented a couple of marketing strategies at our school, results proved that schools or educational sectors  could use three cost-effective digital marketing strategies to increase school enrollment.


Digital marketing Strategy

  • Research shows that 78% of parents who finally decide on a school are  influenced by search engines. All prospective parents initially start with a google search before they even step through our gates. Our online visibility is of key importance. We might have the most informative and user-friendly website but what use would that be if we are not visible within the first ten search results on the search engine result page!
  • SEO begins with keyword research. Conducting a keyword research of our competitors’ website could help us understand exactly what kind of content are our clients interested in finding on our website as well. Some of the experiences that drive users away are not the design but to do more with the information shared thereby SEO will help contents get optimized with keywords.
  • SEO helps to generate leads and track the number of visitors that we get from search engine. This helps us to make sure that we are visible to our targeted audience.
  • Our biggest goal is to keep the prospective parents engaged. SEO helps increase the time they spend on our various web pages . Monitoring  the bounce rates and to act on them is of crucial importance.


  • Blogging is another popular strategy to market our school. Ideally it could be a Headmaster’s Blog.This provides a personal touch.A blog with high quality helps build brand loyalty.Sharing student and faculty stories every week as he tours the school would be a great read for parents who eagerly wait to know of various internal events conducted at school.
  • An effective channel for the head of the school to show how the school is achieving its mission and for providing his/her educational expertise just before an exam or enlighten students on various social issues.
  • Blog helps to add more content to our website , more pages from the domain gets indexed in search engine increasing visibility and traffic. More pages a site has the more leads it gets.
  • Facilitates a two-way communication by giving school the opportunity to connect with parents as it is open for comments and feed backs.
  • New contents can be added regularly which helps to increase the freshness of the content.More content can then be indexed and ranked to increase our school’s visibility.
  • Every time the headmaster writes a blog we are creating an opportunity for our audience to share our blog with others. Our blog could be used as an external link for an related websites and we could also request our blog content to be a backlink on website with higher authority.



  • Today an average student has been exposed to around 300,000 hours of digital information by the time they reach their 20’s. Social media sites are a key stop on a daily basis for most students. Mobile-friendly apps are an easy way to stay in contact with potential students with just the touch of a finger.
  • The most common used social media channel is Facebook and it is important to make our presence felt. Schools must be active and provide constant information about the school. An apt place to share details of high achievers, board exam results etc.
    Staff could be motivated to share their stories and the stories could be linked to our unique features and create a positive buzz about the school.
  • Facebook offers targeting options. We can start an ad campaign and narrowly define audience based on geography, age, interest. It provides extensive analytics. Provides information like weekly reach, page links and to top it all measures our pages with that of our competitors. This helps us to adjust our campaign as needed.
  • Schools can use Facebook ads with vibrant images and graphics embedded into them which draws the attention of our prospective parents.Using email signature to display fan page, having our social media page URL beneath the email signature will make ourselves more visible
  • Last but not the least its the highly cost-effective marketing strategy. It involves building a fan base and draw more audience without any cost. Facebook ads help in better conversion rates which leads to greater business growth.
  • Facebook ads can be used as:
  1. Clicks to website: Ad’s drawing attention of prospective parents to visit our website
  2. Events: Ad’s to promote upcoming events.
  3. Offer Claims: Ad’s to promote offers
  • Link the landing page to social media so as to stay visible to all prospective parents and students.This is one of the effective marketing strategy to stay connected to our present and future audience. More than 95% of teen use smart phones, tablets and laptops to immediately search what they are looking for thereby it is important to have landing pages that are mobile responsive which can be navigated through any device used.

Finally tracking and analysing all our digital marketing efforts from start to finish is a key success factor. We must know the steps that brought out the required results and the one’s that did not work for us. Content auditing and key metrics allow us to make sure we are not wasting our time and money. Tracking efforts help us evaluate if our audience is receiving the messages that we are communicating. If YES we are on the right path!

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