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3 Big Reasons Why Myntra Relaunched Desktop Website

3 Big Reasons Why Myntra Relaunched Desktop Website

myntraMyntra is an Indian e-commerce company founded in 2007, by Mukesh Bansal along with Ashutosh Lawania and Vinit Saxena. Headquarter is in Bangalore. Myntra Deals with Fashion and casual lifestyle products.
In May 2014 Myntra .com merged with Flipkart to compete against competition.
In May 2015, became the first e-commerce company in the online world to go with ONLY APP strategy and in June 1-2016 they are relaunching desktop website.percent-time-spent-on-mobile-apps-2016

First, let us know the reasons why Myntra decided to go for only App model.

India adds highest internet users compare to any other country in the world. More important over the 60% consumers access internet through mobile devices, so here it comes to m-commerce. A study says Indians spend  an average 3 hours in a day on mobile, and maximum of this mobile time spent on messaging on whats App, Facebook, m-commerce and other apps to fulfill their daily requirements.

image app 2

Fastest Growing App Categories in 2015

Mobile sites report their one third of total sales are coming from mobile apps only, so it’s a huge opportunity to have a customize app, where payment apps like PayTm and mobikwik are getting special attraction of users, on the other hand music apps like Gaana and Saavn being favorite of customers, in the same time entertainment app like Zomato and Bookmyshow have become popular on online space, people are using these apps frequently and getting advantage. Another very important category in mobile apps industry is Transportation apps like Ola, uber, Meru cab, where Ola is market leader with 60% market share.

Over the tenure of one year Myntra was available only on App not on website. Let’s know about some hurdles which Myntra faced  last year and decided to heal those coming up  again with website from only App model.

1. Small screen is not acceptable for all

On small screen of mobiles, shopping experience is not that much pleasant which is on Desktop or any big screen, a certain percentage of customers still prefer to have a close look of products which they are considering to shop online. though we can not ignore the penetration of mobile internet in India. In India more then  41 percent of e-commerce market is driven by mobile traffic, India is ahead of China, UK, Brazil, France even USA when is comes to e-commerce and mobiles.In this competitive world company should open maximum option which they can provide to customer so Only App strategy is not a smart option as of now.

2Internet acceptance in rural and semi urban still a big challenge

Internet and mobile penetration is increasing tremendously in India but report found only 13% users in urban and 1% users in rural India are opting for online shopping. Downloading the app for shopping is not very much acceptable for transnational and new users,  add on to this RBI’s two step verification for online payment is still a fragmented experience, and with app sometimes it becomes harder and slow internet connectivity may be the another hurdle to confirm order.

3. Google is king of Search engines

Google is another and big reason why only app strategy does not take into account, big chunk of customers rely on Google search ranking and only app model lost those customers.on 48.84% of traffic from search and out of this  98.22% is organic search and 1.78% from paid search. So good ranking on search engine is also very important factor for e-commerce sites which is not possible with only App model.

Conclusion and Lesson

There has been extra ordinary growth of smartphones in India and it will continue for next few years,consumers are shifting fast to smartphones for fulfill their daily needs ,it may be consuming news online or shopping online.Mobile based commerce also known as m-commerce will be the most powerful, personalized, intuitive and inclusive market in the world and India may lead this market in future.e-commerce is going to be m-commerce soon but all these positive signals with mobile app market we can not ignore the this fact that there is still a big chunk of customers who loves to shop on desktop or bigger screen, and 3G internet penetration in India is not up to the mark and it is long way to go. So all the points which we have focused we can conclude having an app for any e-commerce company is a beneficial decision but only app decision is not an smart decision as of now, it is a very early decision specially in India. Myntra also claimed that reopening it’s desktop website will increase the sales by 15-20% this fiscal and bring back the customers it had lost by switching to only app model.e-commerce companies should opt for App also model rather then only App model, we can not force customer to shop only by App, provide then  maximum shopping options for better experience and pleasure, because customer is king.

Credit-Mary Meekar report, Similar web

Image credit- Statista, Flurry

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