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3 Big SEO Myths You Need To Burst Now

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for your business growth and hence you cannot afford to become a victim to any of the myths related to it. This blog discusses 3 big myths that you might be succumbing to but must put a stop on it now.

Website acts as a magnet

Are you amongst those businesses which think that just creating a good website will attract the visitors? If yes, then you are certainly going in a wrong direction. You need to understand that quality content is an important factor in attracting traffic to your website but it is not all that works to attract the customers.

SEO professionals work hard to do so by applying and experimenting with different techniques such as link building, quick page download and others. There are many technical aspects that are at work to help you in attracting huge number of visitors.

Link building is obsolete

There is a myth that link building is no longer valid in the present day context. But the truth is otherwise. Some of the methods of link building may have become obsolete but the basic concept has not lost its sheen and relevance.

It is the job of a link builder to try with new ways of building links to your main website. This could be anything from linking charity event, press conference or any other news with your website. One thing to remember here is that the links must be created in a natural manner without any undue technicalities or difficulties. Links are still an active concept with some of the methods now died.

Ranking has no importance

With business activities being done with geographic targeting, SEO and SERPs have also changed their manner of functioning. You may say that ranking is no longer relevant but positioning is still highly relevant in obtaining the right results from the web analytics and increasing the ROI.

Ranking was fixed in number but positioning is flexible in that regard. You can no longer claim that the two search results in different locations would place the link at the same position. Positioning greatly helps in improving the ROI but ranking is no longer given great importance in the present day scenario with most of the businesses operating globally.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The three points are worth reading.

    • 5 years ago

      Ummer   /   Reply

      Mentioned some of the valid points but the first point is still at doubt. Good and unique content is always a plus point when it comes to search engine ranking may be in the long run.
      How about automating SEO activities? Is it not possible to automate the whole process? Any inputs on the same?

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