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3 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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At present,  it is unimaginable  for a business to be absent from social media platforms. Every business is trying its  best to generate more and more business in a social way by making their social media presence stronger. But, there are a few hurdles in the path and this  blog discusses 3 social media marketing mistakes that one may commit.

Social media communication concept 1. No Strategy For Social Media Operations

Are you amongst those who simply tweet, pin, or post on various social media platforms and patiently wait for some magic to happen and bring in enough traffic on your site? If you nodded your head confirming it, then you are in trouble! Before even creating a business page on a social media platform, a well planned and detailed business strategy is required to be conducted on social media. It must be understood that to operate without a strategy on social media is equivalent to wasting precious time and money, and thus losing leads.

Social Media Marketing2. Failing To Realize That Social Media Is A Medium For Conversation

Social media platforms are a good opportunity to communicate with a wide range of customers in a warm manner, just by simply addressing the query or grievance of a dissatisfied customer. One need not appear loud on social media while solving a problem. Also, one should not let the complaints or queries get piled up over time. In both these cases, one may lose the respect of customers and create an impression that their opinion and problems are not heard.

3. Failing To Understand The Subtle Relationship Between People And SEO

Assuming that high ranking can be achieved on SEO without considering the tastes and preferences of the masses is a big mistake that any business can commit. How will the content rank high if people are not motivated enough even to hit a ‘ like’ on it? Always remember that the content to be posted on social media platforms should be  interesting enough to go viral in the shortest possible time. This will actually increase ranking on SEO as well.

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    • 5 years ago

      Subhakant   /   Reply

      This is so true.
      Commenting on ” Bad marketing strategies “, Marketer should understand that Facebook marketing strategies can be converted to conversion with such ease manner.

      Most important, Targeting the right audience which plays a great role in Facebook PPC but with all this maintaining a socializing manner. Which can lead to a great experience and insights about your customer and can be converted to lead generation.


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