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3 Content Goals That Will Help You Succeed With Inbound Marketing

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Statistical data show that now slowly marketing people are moving towards inbound marketing tactics in all fields. Inbound marketing is about creating the right content for target people to attract them towards your brand. It is completely different than old outbound marketing methods. It focuses on to aware people about the brand without interrupting them. The main objective of Inbound marketing is to attract people, engage, nurture and convert them into the potential customers by providing them the right content at each stage of their buyer’s journey.

content-creation-Now, you have a clear idea that content is the core of Inbound marketing. It is true that “Content is king” on the website. Right content can boost your business by building trust and rapport with customers. It is helpful in attracting new prospects, lead generation, identifying the prospect’s problem, pain areas, their queries and more importantly, you can tell your customer how your brand can help to solve their problem. Each stage of sales cycle requires different content. So providing proper content which can fulfill the prospect’s requirements is very essential. It can be in any form like a blog, Webinar, Case studies, YouTube videos, updates on social media, etc. But before creating any content you should decide first the goal. You should have a clear idea about why you are creating content? for whom? will it be solved prospect’s requirements? etc. let us look around some content  goals.

1) Brand Awareness

“Increasing brand awareness is the top organizational goal for 79% of B2C companies using content marketing strategies.”

shutterstock_78031975-580x385This is the first thing that comes in mind while creating goals for content marketing. Yes, brand awareness is the first goal of content marketing. The aim of this is to find out a more effective way than advertising, sales call to create awareness about a brand or service. This will not achieve in a single day. It will take some time to build trust among people about your brand. This is a long term strategy. Content marketing is the great way through which you can engage prospects with your brand by more organic, authentic ways. Content marketing may take on many forms, such as your company magazine, blogging, an informative insert in your catalog, case studies, your newsletter or your Facebook page. Inbound marketing and content marketing go side by side. Synchro of these two can produce great results. Consider some demographic factors while creating content about brands like age group of your prospects, culture, location, language they speak gender. This will give a more personalized touch to the content. Relevant and quality content always produces positive results.

Before creating content ask yourself, how are my customers benefiting from the content/ information I provide through different mediums?

2) Lead Conversion and Nurturing

Conversion metric is the most important part of inbound marketing. How you define the potential customers? From content marketing perspective, here you have to encourage prospects by exchanging them with engaging content to give enough information about themselves. This can include subscription to newsletter, signing up for a demo or registering for an event, etc. Once you have prospects contact information it will easy for you decide further move.  Always keep one thing in mind your basic content, whether it s blog, Webinar or any other must be followed by proper CTA’s which should be helpful to prospects throughout their journey. Proper CTA’s, the landing page will work as a tour guide for prospects. Often marketers miss this stage and opportunity as well of converting prospects into the leads.

Before creating CTA’s ask yourself, Am I guiding prospects in the right direction?

3) Customer Conversion

Now, this is the exam time of yours. Customer conversion rates show that whether your efforts is in the right direction or not. It can directly affect your ROI. Quality and relevant content at every stage of the buyer’s cycle, proper guidance throughout the buyer journey will definitely result in higher conversion rate. It is true that every business needs to attract new customers. But one truth is that the biggest potential in most businesses comes from building a strong relationship with your existing customers. Business come from referrals and repeat business tells the success story of your business. Better communication with customer, prompt customer service, problem solving approach will help to build authority among customers. Make your products and services even better by pairing them with quality content and a personal touch. Instead of automated messages believe in personalized emails. Remember content marketing and inbound marketing is not a one time process. It is the continuous process of informing, updating content on a regular basis depending upon the market situation. Commitment with your customers will definitely boost customer conversion rate.

Always ask yourself, Am I providing proper service to customers? Are they satisfying? Am I solving their queries?

Image Credit- thewritingwhisperer, webseonalytics

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