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3 Effective Tips For Writing Facebook Ads While Leveraging Facebook Marketing

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It goes unsaid that Facebook is one of the largest accessed online social networking services and has now become an integral part of communication in today’s youth. As of September 2014, it sees approximately 864 million daily active users. Although, the audience is very large, Facebook can be used to target the right audience basis the profile of the users and their interests. Facebook has algorithms to segregate its users. Clearly, it has a very large reach and can be viewed as a very effective tool for advertising. Due to this, it is observed that if done effectively, very high Click Through Rates (CTRs) can be achieved. There are various ways through which Facebook marketing can be leveraged for posting advertisements. It is highly recommended to use these techniques to increase the click through rates and conversions.

So, let’s have a look at some effective tips for writing Facebook Ads while leveraging Facebook Marketing:

text1. Catchy Body Text

It is very important to ensure that the body of the text uses eye catchy and impressive words to draw the attention of the viewers. It should have the capability to get the viewer to click on the advertisement to check it out.

 For example, if one wants to sell Reebok shoes, and the body of the advertisement goes something like, “Click here for Reebok shoes”, then it is very unlikely that the viewers will even notice it. Human mind is always on the lookout for getting more by paying less.   Hence, if the body of the text were to read as, ”Reebok Sale”, “Reebok Special Offer” or “Reebok Sale – Up to 60% Discount”, it is more likely to draw the viewer’s attention and entice him to click on the advertisement to view the content. Here, the choice of words like “sale”, “offer”, “discount” does the trick to make the advertisement more enticing. Simple / plain words fail to draw viewers’ attention and are less likely to generate any clicks.

Let us look another example of what selection of right words can do to generate higher clicks. A travel agency willing to advertise its Switzerland holiday package should opt for words like “Exotic Switzerland”, “Best of Switzerland” to attract the attention of viewers looking forward to travel to Switzerland for holiday.

Hence, it is very important to use the right words to attract viewer’s attention to get best CTRs. Details about any offers, sale or benefits offered by the business should be clearly reflected in the body text. This is vital in generating higher conversions and optimising the budget allocated to paid advertising.

2. Selecting An Apt Image

It is needless to say that visual images can draw better attention than texts. Hence, having an apt image in your Facebook advertisement can give rise to higher CTRs. It has been observed that 70% of the reasons why one would chose to click on an advert are because of the image added to it which is unique and stands out from the competition. As the images get more self explanatory and unique, the higher is the engagement level of the customers. Multiple images can be added to draw more traffic. These images can comprise of the logo of the service or brand, picture of the brand ambassador, image depicting the text of the body, etc. Up to six images can be added per advert at no extra cost. As per Facebook advertising rules, not more than 20% of the advert image space should be textual in nature.3g

For example, a Facebook advert of a leading Indian telecom company, Idea Cellular launching its new 3G handset, containing a picture of its brand ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan, holding the handset, is likely to attract more attention of the viewers and generate higher clicks as compared to an advert without any image or just the image of the 3G handset. Here, the image of the brand ambassador, Bachchan Junior, is pulling the attention of his fans as well as people who associate him with the brand “Idea.” This plays a key role in generating higher clicks and therefore resulting in generation of higher revenue through higher conversions.

Hence, it is very crucial to use a relevant image in your advert to pull attention of interested customers leading to higher number of clicks and conversions.

 Customer-Satisfaction3. Customer Satisfaction And Use Of Multiple Ads

It is of utmost importance that the advertisement satisfies the need of the viewers. An advertisement that cannot relate with any need of the viewer will not be of any interest to the viewer and hence will not be able to generate any genuine clicks.

For example, if an advertisement wherein the text body goes like “if you like red then click here” and an image of a red shoe flower is posted, it is likely to generate very little or no clicks, as this does not satisfy the need of any viewer. The clicks that will be generated will largely be false or random in nature.

Hence, for any advertisement to be successful, it is very crucial that it satisfies the need of the viewer.

What about the number of ads? As the saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, it is rightly said that one should not rely on only one advert. Multiple adverts should be used and the performance of each of them should be reviewed on a regular basis. The adverts which are not giving the desired results should be removed and the ones which show promise should be retained and improved further to get better results. One should be adding 2 to 3 adverts per day to get optimum results.

Ideally, these are few of the effective tips for writing Facebook adverts. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the success of the adverts also depends on various other factors like placement of the adverts, interactivity, target audience, relevant location, etc. It is important to remember that Facebook should not be used for direct marketing. It should only be used to promote ones ideas, brand, products and not sell them directly.

Credits: Mahek Naheem


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