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3 Effective Tools To Keep A Check On The Followers List Of Twitter

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Twitter is a platform images 5wherein anybody can communicate, share ideas and information instantly. It is a channel to express oneself without any barriers in short 140 character messages.Businesses use Twitter to share information about their services and products, collect real time intelligence and happenings in the marketplace. It helps reach out to the right slice of customers at the right moment and thus maximizes return on investment.

Here are a few facts about twitter usage:

  • 271 million monthly active users
  • 500 million Tweets are sent per day
  • 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile
  • 77% of accounts are outside the U.S.
  • Twitter supports 35+ languages

Some Tweets might get lost in the crowd. Again finding out people relevant to your business is hard.Getting an insight to the long term viral activity is another area where focus is required. At the same time anybody can be bogged down by excessive irrelevant and repetitive tweets. Tweets about every single thing an individual is doing can become quite bothersome. Needless to say that these spammers lack twitter etiquette .

So here are a few guidelines to assist you in optimizing your twitter follow list in a definitive manner.

downloadManage Filter

Provides the users with simple to use tools to work smarter with Twitter. Here are some of useful operations carried by it

  1. Allows user to sort followers/following lists by a scale of criteria
  2. Allows to find new people with a comprehensive search facility
  3. Allows users to track who all unfollowed you
  4. Allows users to find when most of the followers are online and therefore  schedule tweets appropriately
  5. Answers to question “who unfollowed me on twitter?”

Some features of Manage Filter

  1. Power Post– When tweets start getting lost in the crowd, use power post to reach as many followers by tweets at the appropriate moment and gather immediate notice.
  2. Analytics– This tool is immensely useful to gauge the long term activity on twitter, see if followers are translating into engagement and hence increased business prospects.
  3. Unfollow– This super fast tool helps into bifurcating active/inactive followers, people who don’t follow back, people without profile image and a whole range of attributes.
  4. Follow– This tool allows users to reciprocate back people who follow you.
  5. Search– This amazing tool helps finding people who are most relevant to the user through a host of criteria like age, location, key words and much more

images (3)Tweepi

Making sense of Twitter account. Following services are provided by Tweepi to manage twitter account.

  1. Flush the unfollowers-This is tweepi geeky flush -to flush out all those users who don’t follow them in return by presenting numbers on the table of their online presence,their activity and sociability,and therefore keeps meaningless tweeps out.
  2. Reciprocate– This tool is designed to help users know people who are following them but whom they are not following in return. Doing this individually takes a lot of time and therefor tweepi comes with a single button to accomplish the task.
  3. Cleanup People I’m Following– Unfollow the deadbeats- This tool filters out inactive followers, followers who don’t engage in useful discussions, or don’t contribute to useful links at all and hence clean up the twitter account
  4. Cleanup People Following Me– Force people to unfollow you- If your followers list is full of unwanted and undesirable people here’s a tool to help you figure out such followers an force them to unfollow you.

download 2Untweep

  • Pruning your twitter account
  • Unfollow users who might have lost interest on twitter and therefore did not tweet for a reasonable amount of time say 30 days. Clean your account and make way for more active and useful users. This tool generates a list of stale accounts and provides a check box for you to unfollow them.

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