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3 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips To Deal With Negative Online Reviews

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negative feedbackBusinesses today are concentrating a lot on getting good no. of positive online reviews. It becomes even more important if you want to boost your businesses local search presence. Prospective clients are more likely to go for a business if they see online other customers — mainly peers, family, friends, neighbors, and others in the close circle have good experience of trying out a particular business.

This aspect of social media marketing which gives customers the option of providing online review of a particular product, service or a business can sometime cut both ways. It turns out to be a good form of positive advertising for businesses if the customers put out good reviews about them. On the other hand this whole concept of garnering positive reviews goes for a toss if the customer gives negative feedback about your products or services. Even a single negative feedback can prove to be a bad for the company your online reputation can take a hit.

There are few sites like Google plus and Yelp that feature online reviews and provides you to reply back to negative feedback. It is very important for any form of communication especially those between business and clients that your responses are carefully composed. Below we will discuss few important tips that are helpful while dealing with negative online reviews.

Essential tips while replying to negative online reviews

  • Responding within a reasonable time-frame

timely responseBusiness must keep a watch on online negative reviews. One should not sit too long on them and respond timely otherwise you stand the risk of losing a prospective client. If you are delaying in attending to the negative feedback then this may send a wrong message to the prospective viewers and your co. might come across as a business that ignores and disregards feedbacks from its customers. At the same time also take care not to jump and reply instantaneously on negative feedbacks. Give it a thought, see the genuineness of the concern and make sure that your response is level headed and within few days of registering the feedback. Also make sure that if you have received few negative reviews online, you try and put efforts in garnering few positive responses too.

  • Avoid being too defensive

defenseFailing in acknowledging and acting timely on a negative feedback is not the only thing that can dent your business’s online reputation. If you are posting a response which is too defensive in nature, then this might project the image of your company as childish, insensitive and a bully. Whenever responding to a negative review, keep in mind the universal thumb rule of “Customer is the king and always right”. Our job is not to contradict and discredit the customer’s claims, even if they are false or exaggerated. It is also not professionally prudent to explain your side of story.

Rather, businesses should acknowledge and try to empathize with the customer and emphasize that the bad experience was just an aberration or an exceptional case not at all tolerated and supported in your business. (“We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We were little slow in serving you. It generally doesn’t happen. We always strive to give best of services to our customers. We’ll take care that this is not repeated and you get the best experience on your next visit.”). Be as genuine and truthful while responding. You can also provide to the customer your contact information for e.g. your mail id. or official telephone no. You can also ask him to contact you directly.no_apology

One should remember that your responses are not just for pacifying the reviewer but once it gets posted it will be seen by hundreds of prospective customers who are surfing about your business. Prospective customers generally base their buying decisions on the past reviews of the customers. Suppose your response to negative feedback is not appropriate then this might just act as a diffuser for your brand and people may move to competitors. Make sure to be professional and respectful in your response.

  • Make sure to respond on review site only

response on right siteTry not to attract more attention on the negative review by posting counters on other sites. Remember that your response or comments to online negative feedbacks belongs to one place: that is on the site where the negative review was posted. Though it is general for businesses to get tempted to post a blog or write a post on a social media channel defending it’s image and honour. But in doing so you will draw unnecessary attention to the negative review. It is better to focus your efforts on getting positive feedbacks and testimonials and highlighting same on different social media channels.


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