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3 Google Analytics Tips To Help You Understand Your Business Better

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Decisions taken on the basis of certain data have always resulted in positive growth of any organization. Websites act as the window to any organization and it is very important to keep a check on its performance. Optimising the website based on the measured values will have good impact on business. There are various factors that act as an aid in many important decisions.

The data collected using various Google Analytical tools help the businesses to adopt to changing trends, improving their marketing strategies, identifying the key content on the website etc. As a result, the traffic to the website increases.

Google Analytics have various features and it is up to the user to decide the limit to explore the options. The following are three Google Analytics Tips that will help to understand the business better.

1. Dashboard

Dashboards are an important tool of Google Analytics. Not many people are aware of this key feature. It is something similar to have a dashboard on the desktop. The most interesting part of Dashboard is the availability of widgets. Widgets are like screens that displays the required information about the website. Widgets display the data and they provide easy access to various information.

The user can open several dashboards and each dashboard can have twelve widgets. In order to create a new dashboard, one need to follow these steps:

Home>> New Dashboard>> Start Dashboard>> Set a Name>> Set the Date

Each widget depicts certain data and these data could be complex data or basic information about the website like top visitors etc.

In order to create a widget, follow these steps:

Add Widget>> Set a title>> Table Tab>> Click on dimension or metric>> Save

Dimension consists of general criteria and metric consists of specific criteria like user activity, visits, clicks etc. The widgets can have maximum ten rows. One can use filter option to display only the required information. The widgets can be easily edited and deleted.

Sharing a dashboard reporting is again an important feature. The reports generated using Google Analytics can be easily shared over email or in the form of pdf. In order to receive the reports over email, one should follow these steps:

Email Tab>>Set the email address>> Add a subject>> Set the frequency>> Set the Active duration>>Type a message>>Click Send

Similarly, to export report in the pdf format click on the Export Pdf tab.

Custom Reporting is again an easy way to customise the report. Custom reporting helps to generate complex reports very easily. It helps to save a lot of time. Custom reporting gives the same user experience as that of standard reporting. In custom reporting one can direct what report is to be generated.

2. Conversion Panel

Conversion Panel is the next important Google Analytical tool. The conversion panel has three major features and they are as follows:

  • Goals: The users of analytical tools have a misconception that the conversion tracking is installed only in the e-commerce websites which is not right. The conversion tracking system can also be used for Goal tracking. Goal tracking helps the user to identify how some specific objectives have been achieved. For example: If the visitor fills a demo or webinar form, Goal tracking helps to track the visitors history like where they come from, how many sites did they visit, time spent etc.
  • E-commerce: E-commerce websites are the most trending websites these days. Businesses are opting for e-commerce websites and it has become very important to have a tracking system in place. E-commerce tracking system helps the user to track various important aspects associated with the website like conversion rate, transactions, revenue generated, average value, unique purchases, product quantity etc.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels: This tracking system allows the user to scan through various digital mediums and how these channels help to channelize the decision taken by the visitors. This analysis helps the marketer to alter any marketing course of action.

3. Alerts

Alerts are the next important analytical tool available with Google Analytics. Alerts as the word depicts helps the user to set an alert when a certain event has happened like percentage of new visits, average visit duration, goal conversion rate, page views etc. In order to set an Alert, the following steps should be followed:

Home>> Intelligence events>> Daily events>> Set the Date>> Set the Alerts>> Set the importance level>> Click the graph bar (which depicts that at least one alert on a particular day).

It is very important to have a healthy website and in order to maintain the website healthy one should know what is happening with the website, where the traffic is coming from, integrity of the website etc.

It is very important to know the traffic and web trends prevailing       regarding a particular website. There are certain aspects such as the place where the website is being accessed, whether it is being accessed using a mobile or some other device etc. Depending upon the reports generated for these factors, the marketer would be able to focus on those key areas. In order to check the traffic one should click on Standard report>> Audience>> Overview.

The advent of social media marketing also plays an important role to influence the traffic generated for a website. Presence of businesses on various social networking sites have become mandatory. It is very important to evaluate social media aspect. Click on Traffic sources>> Socials>> Network Referrals and with this one can get a clear picture of the source of traffic to the website through various social networking sites.

In-Page Analytics also helps to determine how the traffic is reaching the website , what are the visitors looking for, what are they clicking, which is the most attractive colour, what percentage of visitors are using the website beside the browser screen etc. thereby making the traffic analysis important.

Google Analytics have plethora of features and with each passing day newer features are getting embedded. It is very important to use these interesting yet very important analytical tools, in order to measure the overall performance of the website. Complete insight into various key aspects of a website will help the businesses get a clear picture of their position in the market. The accuracy of data generated using these analytical tools helps the businesses to take certain crucial decisions, altering the marketing strategies, modifying the advertising methodologies, concentrating on most fruitful social networking site etc. making Google analytics a powerful tool for the business growth.

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