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3 Hidden Mistakes Of Social Media Marketing

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3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Might Be Your Secret EnemySocial Media Marketing plays an important role in the corporate world. Companies and business enterprises, either big or small, greatly depend upon social media networks to influence brand image and promote products online.

Customer engagement is the key objective for any social media marketing strategy. There are best social media practices in place. Still many companies are struggling to attain the best engagement with their customers.

Following are the 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes that many companies have gone through in the past and suffered setbacks.

1. Lack of Monitoring

This happens when companies join social media wagon as a part of their product promotion or awareness campaign, but give less attention towards social media activities afterwards. Social media activities require constant monitoring throughout the process. Furthermore,ignorance of this fact may have an adverse effect on the brand value. Many large companies and popular brands were seen as victims of this mistake during their brand building and social media  activities.

For Example:, a well known brand, committed the same mistake when the company’s site became vulnerable in the hands of hackers in 2009. All books by GLBT authors disappeared from the website. The marketing team at failed to communicate the matter to their online fans and customers, immediately after the website was hacked.

Thousands of customers believed that deliberately made these books unavailable on the website. Furthermore, frustrated customers raised their concerns over social media networks and forums, making it a burning issue.

When realized their mistake, attempts were made  to convey what went wrong with the website to their customers and the public. But the news had become viral on all popular social media networks and caused severe damage to the brand.

2. Social Media Activities Handled By Junior Staff

This is another mistake often committed by well known organizations. Social media activities should be carefully planned and managed by the experts in the field.  Delegating important social media strategy planning and implementation tasks to a fresh digital marketing staff should be avoided as insufficient experience may harm the brand’s reputation.

For Example:

Nestle faced trouble, when Greenpeace alleged that Nestle use palm oil from deforested areas in Indonesia illegally. Hundreds of people posted comments on social media sites and the official posts in response to these comments were not satisfactory, but defensive. The responses received from Nestle officials did not convince the people. Therefore, the condition worsened.

3. Ending Social Media Activities

This is one of the biggest mistakes committed by many companies. Engaging the brand on major social media sites play a crucial role. The process of engaging with people over social media sites should be a continuous process. It will help in building better customer relationships for business growth. Thus, one must maintain continuity in social media activities as an essential function of the business.

For Example:

TGI Friday launched a cross-channel campaign in September 2009 with an objective to reach 5,00,000 fans of the fictional character “ Woody” on Facebook. This campaign was a huge success since it received nearly 1 million fans on Facebook. However, TGI Friday ended this campaign and deleted the Facebook page without converting those 1 million fans to its official Facebook page. It failed to realize the value of fans which they received during the campaign. Also, the company lost all its social capital built up over the course of the campaign.

It is quite obvious that companies make mistake in social media marketing but they should learn from these mistakes. Companies and brand marketers should avoid these mistakes.This will lead to fabrication of unique opportunities for better connection with customers.

There is no shortcut for success  in  a social media campaign. The objective of social media marketing activities is to achieve better, long lasting engagement from the customers and earn social value.

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