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3 Important Aspects To Be Taken Care Of In An Email Design

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Email Marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategy used by the businesses today. There are many good reasons for the same. But in order to get the maximum out of an email marketing campaign, there are few important things that must be remembered and practiced for sure in an email design. The following 3 aspects are the ones that are talked about an email design but still there remains confusion regarding the same. This blog will clarify the doubts, if any, about the creation of an email design that is successful and meaningful.

‘View in browser’ link at the bottom

There always remains confusion about putting the ‘view in browser’ link at the top of the email or at the bottom of the same. The best solution to this problem lies in the fact that the top portion of an email is actually where the interest of the reader is built or lost. Hence, it must be used wisely for the most relevant stuff or conversation only so as to let the reader know what the email is all about. The ‘view in browser’ link can be included at the bottom of the email as it is firstly important to catch their attention and if they stay on the page for a while they will be surely interested in knowing more about your company and then the link will seem to be relevant and not otherwise.

Proper image to text ratio

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the image to text ratio in order to avoid spam issues. A balanced inclusion of both the images and the text is found to have more impact on the readers but focussing on deciding a ratio to pass all spam tests is do no good. Instead focus on the quality of the content whether it is the written text or interactive images and include them in a balanced way. If 100% content is images based then there may come up an issue regarding the readability of the same as some users operate their emails with the images blocked. Even 100% text with no images at all result in poor engagement.

Use symbols or emojis in the subject line

You must be using symbols regularly while texting but how about using them in the subject line of your email campaign? Using symbols that are relevant to your brand may be helpful in letting the readers identify the email quickly and may result in opening it as well. An email client also has a role to play in deciding the end result of using the emojis. In case you are unsure then A/B testing is an option that is always available with you. Test the email with a symbol and observe the results before implementing the idea in entirety.

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    • 5 years ago

      Afroz Siddiqui   /   Reply

      Thanks Niharika, the points mentioned are really something to heed to. Here are some additional points that I believe are required for successful email campaigns.

      1- Having A simple and clear message in your mailer is crucial
      2- Understand your target audience
      3- The emailer Design should be clean and; creative
      4- Make sure your logo is visible (this helps improve branding)
      5 – Last but not least, you should be able to provide value to the user in the email. Only if they find it valuable are they going to take the required action.

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