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3 Inbound Marketing Strategies For Moving The World Through Mobile Apps

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As the Internet had already become the next generation of all people, so is the use of mobile has become a necessity. Everywhere around the world you see people with smart phones. With the apps you can just create wonders by having it. Currently, they are 11,88,199 apps available on the android. So the availability of apps is more, but it depends how we make the use of it.

In inbound marketing, we use the mobile apps that help us to move ahead in the moving era, as they are billions of people using mobile devices so the information available should be of help to them. Below, is the image of mobile app usage in India:


As you can see the highest is the social networking that is 81%, so people are more engaged on the social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook which are the most popular ones.

The best  way is to go ahead with the mobile inbound strategies by:

1. Going social

By going social, it just doesn’t mean that we must have a conversation and exchange images, videos, etc. It is important to know how we use this platform so as to make it more effective in our marketing strategies. As they are a number of apps available, we have proper conversations and make the best of it. Two major examples of the apps through which one can go social are mentioned below:

I. Twitter

Tweeting helps a lot on social media especially when companies get connected. As one tweet is just enough for a company going viral. For e.g. Nike came up with a twitter focused mobile app, where they shared content in the app and sharing athletics activities. They ended up with a huge mass customer acquisition by:

  • Downloads by the twitter campaign
  • Three clicks per outbound tweet
  • Positive rating of the app store

They received a lot of downloads which increased their ROI.

II. Facebook

Facebook is the main source of interactive forum for going social. Almost everyone is on Facebook now-a-days as people get connected very easily here. Facebook brings in an increase in engagement and revenues from users, for example, nike app on Facebook was the biggest hit as they could acquire a large number of people, with the help of their launch of nike+gps application for runners. They thought Facebook was best means as it is the gamified social networking site. It allowed users to share it with friends and engage in other activities.

2. Be original / Be yourself

It is most important to be original, i.e tell your own story first. Every app should have the necessary features, why they are famous, why people should use their app? As this helps in judging how well their app can be used. Customers generally browse and then they download only if they find the app interesting or according to their needs. Hence, they need to attract a larger number of audiences by:

  • Having the right name
  • Having an attracting logo
  • Optimizing the keywords

Every app should has its own reviews by the people using it, for e.g. in zomato you can check out about the restaurant and their review about the restaurant. It helps people to find the most suited restaurants for them through these reviews and feedback. The app store is one place which tells its story, so that people can share the app and send it across to others. Usually people write blogs, journalists find these stories and publish it and it increases more downloads.

3. Count your fans

It is important to count your fans. It is through word of mouth you can go ahead, by telling about the reviews or any recommendations made by the audience. By telling your own stories, people love to read it and get to know about the app. Every app gives the audience an authority to rate. Sometimes if the ratings are bad, if the app has any problem they rectify it and have an upgrade system, which helps the audience to have a trust in what they use. By downloading the app, it is the best way via word of mouth to increase the usage of the app.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      India has around 3 lakh app developers and about 100 million app downloads every month. How to utilize this huge talent pool? ( The Hindu, 28-4-14, pg.20)

    • 5 years ago

      Kiran Lund   /   Reply

      the talent can be utilized the way people come forward and act wisely and go they are many opportunities available so people should utilize their talent and act wisely.

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