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3 Inbound Marketing Tips To Generate More Leads

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Inbound marketing helps you earn the attention of your customers. This is done by producing and publishing interesting content on your website and across social media channels. Leads are the lifeblood of any business that is looking to grow. Here are 3 inbound marketing tips that you can use to generate more leads:

bloggingLeverage Blogging

Blogging is very useful for generating leads. Here is how it happens. Every new blog post that you create is equivalent to a new page on your website. This means each blog post offers a new entry point to search engines.

Mindless blogging does not work. You need to write blog posts using the right keywords. For this you need to do keyword research. If you are not sure about right keywords then use the understanding you have about your customers. Think about the questions your potential customers may have in their mind and write your blog posts as answer to those questions.

Using blogging as one of the core pillars of your lead generation strategy is a no-brainer; because blogs are one of the least expensive means of driving traffic to a website and generating leads.

Blogging software does not cost anything and can be easily added to a website. Blogs are a great way to share knowledge and to show that you know what you are talking about. When you write high quality blog posts on a regular basis then prospects keep coming back for more – until they start trusting you enough to share their contact info with an intent to buy from you.

Use Google alerts (and SocialMention for social media alerts)

Google-AlertsPeople talk about their business challenges on the web all the time. Many of these are people who are the right fit your product.

The challenge is to know about all the places where these discussions are going on. Good news is that you do not need to be everywhere to see these discussions. There are tools available that can be used to automate this process.

You can use Google alerts to keep a tab on discussions about a particular topic. You just need to enter your preferred keywords and Google will alert you whenever content, questions, and updates related to that keyword are posted anywhere on the web. You can set the updates to be received on daily, weekly basis or in real time.

Receiving alerts is the first step. You should know – how to use the alerts that you receive. Depending on the type of content – you can post it on your social media channels or jump in the discussion to answer the questions asked by your potential customers.

When you post useful content on your social media channels on a regular basis, you are seen as a trusted authority on the theme of your posts. This in turn will result in more inbound queries and leads.

In case you land up on a blog post related to the theme of your products or services – you can jump in the comments and respond to people’s queries there.

Let us understand this with the help of this example. If you sell online marketing services then you can set up Google alerts for “online marketing services” and for related keywords like “online marketing agency”, “internet marketing agency”, “digital marketing agency” and “need help with online marketing”.

You can set up Google alerts to receive alerts once per day. Many of the alerts that you receive will not be relevant. You need to pick the relevant ones and then act on them.

Hopefully some of the links you receive, will be to a forum where a potential customer is looking to hire an online marketing agency. You may need to set up an account on that forum to respond. You should respond saying that you would love to help and leave your contact info for more queries. Additionally you can share links to your portfolio and any case study that you have.

Google alerts help you filter the entire internet and bring related results to you. Social Mention does the same for content across social media. If you want to see what users are saying on social media about a specific keyword – you can enter that keyword into this app’s search window and repeat the engagement process same way you do for Google alerts.

Use Twitter search

Twitter_search_-_LogoTwitter search is one of the most powerful yet underutilized means of connecting with your potential customers and generating qualified leads. You should utilize it to the extent possible.

To get started with Twitter search go to and enter keywords relevant to your business. Like the Google alerts example, you can enter a keyword like –  “need help with online marketing”.

When you enter such a keyword, you will find a lot of tweets from people who are offering such services. You will need to find that one person who is looking for services instead of selling them. Once you find that person – you should engage and take the communication to email and then to phone or Skype to close the deal.

Hope you will use these inbound marketing tips to generate leads. One big win is enough to justify hours spent in putting these ideas to action.

Credits: Images via Google Image Search

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