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3 Inbound Marketing Tips To Leverage LinkedIn Optimally

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LinkedIn is a social media platform, which anyone can use to promote his/her business and professional skills and services. It has 300+ million members in more than 200 countries and its services are offered in more than 20 major languages in the world. It has been revealed that most of the fortune 500 companies are already using the website to promote their products and services and for the recruitment of their required talent pool. If you are an entrepreneur or an independent professional, you can leverage this platform optimized for your brand building, lead generation and strengthening your community. The following THREE tips could be highly effective to earn maximum leverage from this virtual platform:

1. A strong profile is your gateway to success.

Devote your productive time in building, editing and updating your LinkedIn profile. Remember, it is your complete profile, its genuineness and power of connectivity that makes you and your product / services popular and not the other way around. The following ‘Dos and Don’ts’ are important to make your profile effective and powerful.


  • Create and maintain one account only.
  • Use professional photograph. For an individual account use personal photograph and for company account, you can use the logo or any popular brand as your profile photo.
  • Use an appropriate URL of your website / company website. Clearly mention your contact number, email ids, etc.
  • Take care of writing your profile summary. Use appropriate keywords in the summary. Also use appropriate keywords, while writing your job descriptions. This will improve your SEO.
  • Take care so that your professional skills match with your job profiles and descriptions.
  • Add your voluntary associations and related credibility.
  • Keep your account functional and maintain connectivity with your network on a regular basis.
  • Spell out your speaking engagements, achievements, awards and special recognitions.
  • Start building your network with similar professionals, related professionals, customers, suppliers, well wishers and others.
  • Give and get recommendations.
  • Judiciously use LinkedIn applications for sending connection requests through Tweets, SlideShare, WordPress, Events, Google Presentations, Portfolio Display, Group Polls, Amazon Reading List and many more other applications.


  • Never use any duplicate account.
  • Don’t just increase the number of people in your network. Take care about quality and prospective value additions from them.
  • Don’t get into the trap of dead accounts.

For further guidance, you may go to LinkedIn Help Center. There you can use the ‘related answers’ and go through the views of experts. Also, many customized links are given there to get your required guidelines on any matter you look for. The screenshot given below is about ‘How to Edit your profile’.

Editing Profile

(Fig. Screen shot “Editing your profile’ in LinkedIn)

Promoting Public Profile

(Fig. Screen shot ‘Promoting your public profile’ in LinkedIn)

2. Use an appropriate connection strategy

The connectivity in social and professional networks has both, the threats and opportunities. You have to identify and understand the genuine connections and the zombies. Understand FIRST, SECOND and THIRD degree connections. Distinguish your prospective leads and connect to them. On the home page, you can go to network option and find who, from your e-mail connections, are already on LinkedIn. You can add them to your network. Also, you can go to ‘network’ and then click ‘contacts’ option and add people in your list of contacts. To increase your connectivity, you can choose different LinkedIn groups and send a request for their memberships. Further, you can build up your connectivity portfolio by joining different company pages, pages of universities, brands etc. In addition to the above, you can take care of the following to boost up your network and leads.

  • Create a personal URL and use it in your profile.
  • Use ‘View my profile’ button in your online resume or blog.
  • Use the LinkedIn link in your e-mail signature line.

3. Share matured and productive content to generate interest

Be active in sharing general content in your common network and specific content in your LinkedIn Groups. Take utmost care so that your content can address the questions of people or their problems. You can share contents in different forms, such as photo messages, webinars, blogs, slides, white papers, videos, etc. Don’t spam your contents and irritate your contacts. The contents, including your profile, must be rich with keywords so that those are easily found by people in different search engines. Take active participation in the different group discussions. Also, you may plan and start discussions in your groups. Connectivity is a two-way process. So, never forget to reciprocate comments on your views or discussions.   

Community Guidelines

(Fig. Screen shot of ‘LinkedIn Professional Community Guidelines’)

In case you require more information on how to leverage LinkedIn optimally, you may explore the following two options.

Learning Webinars

(Fig. Screen shot of ‘LinkedIn Learning Webinar’)

LinkedIn Guide Book

(Fig. Guide Book from



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