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3 Inbound Marketing Tricks To Keep Your Blog Post An Active Part Of Success Formula

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imagesThis picture speaks about the definition of a blog, which is a tool that changes a business. Before buying any product or service, it is a human tendency to know about it as much as possible. In this fast moving world which is full of technology, every one likes to gain information about anything at one’s doorstep. Most people prefer to gather information before venturing out to buy a product or a service. This change of trend was understood by many companies and made them switch to inbound marketing. Here,  the blog posts play their role. Companies publish what customers are looking for, which actually attracts them. With the help of CTA( Calls To Action) buttons, visitors are converted into leads. In general, if one owns a business organization and chose inbound marketing then blogging cannot be ignored because it is the most important tool of this marketing technique. Blog posts also help get discovered via social media. Every time a blog is written, a content is created which people can share on social media networks, which enables the business to expose in front of those audience, who aren’t aware of it. Following are 3 important inbound marketing tricks to make blog posting an important part in achieving success.

1. Answer Questions:


One can find limited number of people aware about the product who often come up with multiple queries. Thus, if there is a place where they could find their answers, it will be beneficial for them. These queries need to be answered and further, converted into blogs. Once these questions are being answered, one will gain an authority which will automatically attract more and more people. By doing this, the customers will gain confidence in you, however, it may  not increase audience engagement but they can be turned into potential customers

2. Share Culture:

It doesn’t matter what is the kind of business, whether it is B2B(business to business) or B2C(business to consumer), the business culture should be shared on the blog. Every thing from new hiring to volunteering any cultural or social events or even team building should be mentioned on the blog. Any celebration happening in the organization should be shared. The posts which highlight the people and culture of the organization play an important role in making the business a success.

3. Share testimonials:

images (1)One can collect all the testimonials and customer reviews which speak about the product and services, frame them and post it on the blog. The testimonials and case studies will tell the readers that its not a joke to do business with you and people have done great in their business, after associating with you. Also, convey that people had a positive experience and they also want to share it with others, so that others are benefited too.

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