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3 Inherent Components Of A Good Social Media Marketing Plan

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Those days are gone, when companies used to dictate the market. Now both, the market and business are predominantly driven by the customers. The situation has turned to be very much challenging with the rapid changes and development in the digital sector, including digital media and social networking platforms. The companies, their popular brands, products and other offerings have become transparent, effectively visible and socially accessible through different social media (SM) and their presence online. In fact, in most of the cases the companies and their brands have been compelled to be online not exclusively for doing business but to listen their customers and audience in general about their needs, preferences, likes, dislikes and the way of their life. The companies have realized that social media platforms are rapidly gaining popularity among different cross sections of society, especially among the younger generation, who share the maximum of the global population. Undoubtedly, this huge community holds the potentials for future market and business. Hence, your presence in the social media space is no more an option to you but an essential strategic component of your marketing plan. Following are 03 inherent components of any successful social media marketing plan. It has been observed and understood that any company can effectively leverage the social media space, provided they critically think and work on the following 03 components.

  • CONTENT: Don’t follow the myth that people come to social media for any product or brand. They rush to social media for building and expanding their social network and strengthen their relationships at the different group and community levels. They prefer to be on social media for a longer period of time than frequently browsing different websites. It is because the SM offers better consumable contents than any other digital platforms. On an average per capita time spent on social media is much more than per capita time spent on any other website. Keeping all these circumstances in mind, it is understood that the CONTENT is the first and foremost important component of any SM marketing plan. It is the content, which attracts audience towards your site and inspires them to ‘like’ it, ‘follow’ it and send a ‘message’ to the page administrator (in Facebook). Similarly, on Twitter, an effective, attractive and useful content may motivate and pursue the audience to follow your twit and to click ‘favorite’ button or to ‘retwit’ your content. As a part of your plan, you must take care of two things here. Firstly, develop and post quality contents which can address the requirements of your audience and then share the content in different other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest, Scribd, Google+ etc. The quality content naturally increases your opportunities in two dimensions, such as (i) it increases the potentials for engaging the audience with your page and (ii) increases your chances to reach larger audience through ‘social sharing’.
  •  ENGAGEMENT: This is the next component of your plan. Here, you have to think about the best possible and favorite options to engage your audience. To achieve that we have to understand the trends, likes of people, their emotions and sentiments etc. Here we cannot blindly follow the ‘engagement’ tricks that we follow in our official websites. We cannot upload a document with ten questions to get the contact details of the people. We have to create and offer ‘sensible’ contents, such as it may be a short video, abstracts, free downloads, portions of presentations, highlights of other offerings etc. In exchange, we can ask for their minimal contact information. If the users find value in the contents they will be engaged with the content. Here, to ensure effective engagement of the users, we can conceptually design the engagement funnel, where the content will be seen, saved, rated, commented, clicked, interacted, purchased and then recommended by the users.
  • ACTIONS: To ensure an effective implementation and outcomes of the above two components, we have to be very much careful, sensitive and calculative about our desired actions. We have to hire quality change agents, i.e. guest authors to write blogs for our products and services. We need to be aggressive with SEO and key words. We have to legitimately use analytics to draw insights to improve our actions and interventions. In addition, it requires better linking and convergence of our overall presence in the virtual world/market. A smooth navigation from one page to another and from one social site to another site is very essential to provide better searching and navigation experience to the users or audience.

Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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    • 5 years ago

      Hemanchi   /   Reply

      Hey Indrajit, thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.Social Media Marketing is gaining more and more popularity day by day since it is a more reliable and effective way for the companies to connect with their customers.So this brings more career opportunities in the field of Social Media Marketing and i just came across some very good internships and fresher jobs for this particular field.

    • 5 years ago

      Mayank   /   Reply

      Quite an enlightening post!! In this era of social media companies/agencies handling any offerings, generally keep on bombarding their pages with infos and posts which sometimes are of no real relevance to the users. Cos. clearly needs understand the mindset and emotions of their users & then create their campaigns around these essential factors.

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