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3 Major Hurdles In Achieving The Optimum With A SMM Campaign

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100mfall_wideweb__470x280,0With advent of social media and it’s potential to reach & engage large volume of target audience, an increasing no. of companies are adapting host of social media marketing techniques to lure their audience. But in doing so there are many new social media marketers who have the tendency of oversimplifying local social media efforts because it appears akin to using social media marketing for one’s own use. In a few ways, these two are identical but you cannot overlook the various pitfalls related with developing a local social media marketing campaign in a way that is similar to one using his or her private social media account.

Below we will be discussing 3 major hurdles which may prove to be a roadblock in achieving optimum with a SMM campaign.

1. Lacking important data analytics and absence of a brand personality

lack of analyticsWhenever you are planning to start a social media campaign always set in the metrics for your campaign i.e. how you are going to measure the performance of your campaign.  Seasoned social media marketers always set up metrics and make use of analytics to measure the performance of their campaign. Many novice marketers commit this mistake of basing the efficacy of their marketing strategy only on the good looks and appearance. It is utmost important to measure the current performance of your campaign viz-a-viz the current trends over time and then fine tune your strategy. Thus measuring of campaign’s performance periodically and reassessing your strategy with help of specified analytics improves the chance of your campaign getting desired traction.

Who are you questionWhatever businesses post on their social media profiles, it tells a public story which is in some way related to your brand. While designing a social media marketing campaign it is essential to know what kind of theme or story you want to convey and how you want your audience to identify and comprehend your brand. Avoid putting in personal experiences or narratives, instead emphasize on different ways to engage the target audience with new ideas/themes related to your brand.

2. Off Topic content or irrelevant posts and lacking consequential engagement with target audience

0ac16f8Design content that is not only interesting but also somehow relates to your brand and helps in building positive relationship with your audience. Remember, the key to long and sustainable relationship is to avoid posting irrelevant and off topics. Whatever you post should be consistent and in line with the brand you are striving to build. It is imperative to emphasize on what message you are wanting to covey of your brand rather than just bombarding the news feeds of your audience with irrelevant posts. In the end you want your audience to identify with your company/brand and not you as a person.

It is of utmost importance for you to be a driving force of the community of your brand. Thus you need to be pretty active in the community. You should try to initiate conversations, welcome people, introduce new topics related to your brand, encourage and appreciate members for their comments/suggestions etc. Aim to develop an engaged and active community, with your brand, as a common interest and centre of all conversations.

Social-MediaRemember you are the voice of your brand. Since you represent your brand try to make conversations little personal. By this it means that you should not be completely dependent on automated responses. For building and engaging communities you need to keep continuous interactions with your audiences. A little bit of personal touch helps to build up a sense of positive feeling among your listeners. You must make them realise that they are communicating with a human and not a machine. Now with wide no. of social media platforms available multiplied with the huge no. of audience on each platform it sometimes really becomes quite cumbersome to interact with all. This issue can be resolved by making use of a social media management tool which helps in managing this huge crowd of users.

3. Unresponsive approach coupled with unwise posts

disgruntled tweetIt has been seen that social media platforms are not the appropriate channel for brands to express personal complaints. Thus the person handling the social media account of the brand has to be level headed, monitored and made accountable for any voluntary goof-ups. Only the comments that are positive in nature should be posted on the social media platforms while responding positively to direct queries from users. Always be vigilant as to what you are posting. Never posts content that you would not like people to read and associate your brand with it. Double check the relevancy of your post with your brand’s image. Any negative post once it hits the social media can prove to be absolutely detrimental to the image of your brand.

respondingThe thumb rule for good social media presence is engaging audience with regular, unique, interesting and thoughtful posts. Businesses should aim at providing posts that keep their audience glued to their social media channel. Once you are able to ignite curiosity among your audience they will start waiting eagerly for your posts. Be creative, interesting and offer chance for meaningful engagement. Do not indulge in bombarding audience with excessive posts as there are chance that it may get repetitive. Make it a habit of posting content that helps in contributing and sustainable development of the brand rather than repetitive posts of discounts, sales etc. Reaching out to your audience, engaging your community, listening to their views / suggestions and lastly acknowledging their contribution helps in taking your business further. Remember, the key is responding intelligently and in relevant time frame.

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