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3 Major Impacts Of Negative Keywords On Your Business

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While keyword selection is unarguably one of the most important focus area while designing a search engine marketing strategy, the vitality of negative keywords cannot be ignored either. While keywords help you in driving as much traffic as possible traffic to your website, negative keywords filter out the unnecessary and irrelevant traffic to your website. By excluding specific words and phrases which are not congruous to your product or services, it becomes easier to reach the ideal prospects. Negative keywords help in the following ways:-

1)      Reduction of CPC (Cost Per Conversion) – If your business is running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, then you need to pay a certain amount for every click on your website link. Hence, it becomes essential that only those customers click on your website who are the targeted ones and who actually have an intent to purchase your product and services. In case negative keywords are not used, even the non-targeted customers will be exposed to your website who will click on the link but will not purchase your products or services eventually. This will not only lead to higher costs but also diminish the conversion rate. Hence, using negative keywords will keep a check on the cost per conversion and help marketers save their marketing budget as well as to maximize their ROI (Return of Investment). For example, suppose you are selling a software which is a “paid” software, you will not wish that people who wish to download it for free, visit your page. Hence, you can just include keyword “free” into your negative keyword list and escape from such situation.

2)      Increment in Quality Score – Using negative keywords to improve the relevance of the search query and its applicability to the target group helps you achieve a higher quality score which has multiple benefits in itself. It not only brings your website higher up on a search page but also helps you to reduce the cost per click. For example, if you are into selling all kinds of socks, but not the striped ones, you can use the keyword “striped” in your negative keyword list so that the customers who search for “striped socks” as their search query do not end up landing on your page.

3)      Great visitor experience – Negative keywords can help you to have a great visitor experience. They help in augmenting visitor experience by helping them connect to the right page in minimum time and effort. This leads to a drop in the bounce rate of the visitors. Another advantage is the development of brand association. For example, suppose there is an e-commerce company which sells sports apparels only and not fashion apparels. It is desirable for it to include “fashion” keyword in its negative keyword list so that the company gets only sports apparels queries and it is identified in the markets and among the customer minds as a sports apparel brand. It automatically will lead to higher conversion rate also.

Thus, in addition to continuously updating the keywords list, businesses need to keep identifying the negative keywords as well in order to optimize their search campaign for peak performance.

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    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      The three detailed points are a perfect read. With positive keywords, negative keywords do play an important part for an online marketer.

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