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3 Major PPC Mistakes Which Results In Search Engine Marketing Funds Leakage

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Writing an ad for your website requires lot of expertise. A certified Google Adwords planner and PPC manager should overlook your PPC accounts to get the best results. Clicking through the ad is not the only aim of the planner. He should get leads and conversions for higher sales and business of the company. There are many PPC mistakes a company or individual that handles the account, can make.

Ads Outside The Geographical Area

Ads that are not relevant to the geographical area the company is targeting will fall low on the quality score. This could lead to clicks but lower leads and conversions, and hence waste of money spent on Adwords. Hence, ads should be on target not only geographically, but they should target the right audience, the right age group and gender.

Irrelevant Search Terms

Narrow your keyword list such that terms are not irrelevant to your business. This can be done after analysing which keywords are getting more clicks and hence more conversions. This will also reduce the amount of money spent on internet advertising and increase your conversions and Click Through Rates. A successful business is the one that has mastered the art of keywords on Google Adwords.

Unaudited PPC Management Agencies

Always engage PPC management agencies that have passed Google audits with flying colours. There are some agencies that take over the account of companies and then lock them out from viewing what is happening to the Adwords campaign. Thus, these companies are paying the agency without actually reaping the benefits of their spends. The agency on the other hand takes the money and advertises their own services and not their clients. Since the company has no clue on what is happening to their account, it loses out totally – money, business and hence reputation. Hence, choose the agency or the individual handling your PPC campaign with great care. As Google Adwords is becoming more and more complex day by day, an expert ongoing analysis is a must these days.

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