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3 Major Tips For Reaching Billions For Your Business

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When talking about online business, the first things which come to our mind is that it might be an online e-learning website or any commercial site or some other online shopping site.

But, today you do realize every business is online, be it a mill owners, book shop owners, academies, industrialist or a matrimonial business web sites.

Why every alternative business is mostly online?

Doesn’t it hit your mind that why everybody is bothering about their online presence, web setups and social media pages?

The ground is “Availability of Customers”. Yes! You can get customers online for your line of work. In fact, it would be right to say that customers can discover your business and can avail your services and there you give way! The web presence not only pull up local customer, it does fetch foreign customers who might desire to avail your services for their local family or any business event they might require to settle up in India.

Today, I will partake in some cost effective tips on how you can bring your business online. If you are not a techno savvy then these are the tips which, when implemented, will definitely bring your business faces different from others.

Isn’t that cool when people Google something and the first page shows up your web presence on the very 1st link? Today, if you feel energized after reading this, please accept some trade-offs you would have to go on with your efforts.

1) AdSense: If you are running a big corporate with some sound investments and deliver enough money to invest on promotional agendas, then Google AdSense is the best solution you can leverage online.

So, discussing about Google AdSense, it’s a large advertising platform to display your ad about your business where not thousands, not millions, but billions of people keep searching and the best bit about Google AdSense is that they will show up when somebody searches something relevant to your line of work and the best part is that you will be billed only when someone clicks on your Ad. Isn’t that cool, you pay when your ad gets a genuine clicks.

2) Facebook Ads: Today when you talk about advertisement, Google Adsense is at the upper side, but people also prefer to display their ads on Facebook. You might be familiar with ads tab at the right side of your Facebook profile. This is where your ads get deployed. But if you are exquisite and are care about your business genuine and effective range, then do prefer Google AdSense.

3) Blogger / WordPress: Considering if you are someone who doesn’t want to pay for website or don’t have heavy funds to put in other promotional schemes, then here’s the best web set up for you.

Creating Blogs is that easy that few clicks will do the task for you. You don’t have to code anything. Barely a few drags and drop and there you start online! Straight off, here you are live and online. So, whether you deliver enough money to invest or haven’t, here’s the solution for you. Now, what are you waiting for?

Go online, a little effort & reach out to billions for your business!

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    • 5 years ago

      Siva Krishna Kota   /   Reply

      E-Commerce has grown very well in the recent years and is giving tough competition to the regular business models. With more internet penetration, people are hooked to the online world for anything to everything. Presence on the web cant be ruled out and ‘customers discovering us’ from any place across the world is made simple.

    • 5 years ago

      Tarun   /   Reply

      Very well written post. With over 2.4 billion people worldwide on the Internet today, it is indeed possible to reach out to the billions of prospective customers for your products and services. In this era of globalization, a business may not be able to be physically present at all the parts of the world but through an online presence, it can reach out to the otherwise inaccessible customers. Moreover, it is no longer just about pushing your products, its time to pull them too. And online presence is the way to go!

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Good attempt. My question: Is ‘online business’ an alternative business model? or the core? If we take the example of and , these are core business model. On the other hand is an alternative model of revenue generation.

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