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3 Mistakes Of Social Media Marketing That May Be Hurting Your Business

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social media mistakesSocial media marketing has become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of businesses and brands. But along with the positives that social media has to offer one also needs to be careful about the negative impact that can arise if you are unable to properly handle your company’s social media marketing strategy. The media and press are sitting with open eyes to catch and propagate the mistakes and blunders that brands make. People also love to read and make fun of these goof-ups as putting it simply they are quite entertaining. But the situation changes if your brand becomes the butt of all jokes.

Thus brands have to question themselves that whether they are prepared and have specific measures in place to prevent a PR crisis arising out of a social media marketing blunder. Companies should have action plans to get out of situation and rectify it if they get involved in a social media goof-up.

Following are few tips that can help businesses to avoid a situation arising out of a social media marketing mistake:

socialmediapolicy1. Neglecting implementation of a social media policy and not having a complete social media bio

It is absolutely sacrosanct to have clear and defined policies and rules as to how the social media of your brand will be handled. This becomes all the more important as there are various team members/employees who have access to your brand’s social media accounts. If you are neglecting having strict norms in place for the handling of social media accounts and the employee’s representation of your brand online then you put your brand’s reputation and social media PR at great risk. Accountabilities should be clearly specified and defaulters should be made responsible.

social bioWhen you are a business either present or wanting to enhance your online presence, then it becomes very important for you to have a complete online bio on the social media platforms. Always make it sure to include information as to what your business does, your location, your mail address, customer care number and your official website address. It is quite surprising to see that, many businesses have an incomplete social media bios. These business don’t understand that they are not only losing an opportunity to connect with potential clients but also putting a question mark on their credibility.

2. Avoid using of same social media marketing strategy for different social media channels and pre-assumption that social media marketing is one way communication

Social-chanel-strategyMany companies make mistakes of adopting same strategies for different social media channels. They forget to realise that not only the viewers/users vary on different social media sites, but also the language and content that you are sharing. If you are new and not comfortable with the working of a social media platform then take time to research your customers behaviour and how they communicates on different channels before making an entry. For e.g. if you are an e-commerce portal wanting to leverage the power of social media marketing from Facebook and LinkedIn then you should share different content on both platforms. Both the platforms have different type of audience so it would be advisable to share content specially created as per the taste of audience of both platforms. For instance sharing a discount scheme, contest, new arrivals on Facebook will have better impact and sharing of educative articles such as online supply chain, cross docking, the future of services like Cash on delivery on the economic health of e-com websites and manpower recruitment will have better takers.

twowaySocial media marketing is a two way communication. Many companies rather fail to follow this thumb rule and focus more on push marketing efforts. Businesses must realise that your audience does not like their feeds to be completely bombarded with your messages and updates. In fact businesses must encourage their audiences to share and converse by way of Q & A’s, inviting them to comment, provide suggestions, and share their good as well as not so pleasant experiences. This will send a message among your customers that your company not only listens but also cares for the customers. It is a golden opportunity for brands to connect with new prospects and also enhance relationship with current customers.

3. Avoid focusing too much on quantity of audience rather than quality

Quality-Over-Quantity-ContentNo doubt it is good to have many fans and “likes” on your Facebook page. But if you focus all your energy in enhancing your fan-base and more people in just liking your page then your social media strategy is lopsided. Rather you should focus on building quality fan-base by way of conversing with your current followers and trying to make them your brand ambassadors. It is an old saying that prospective customers place more trust on the words of a current customer rather than the marketing department of the company.

Thus social media is a very powerful modern marketing tools to enhance your customer base as well as revenue. But it is also a double-edged sword and if you do not have specific measures and controls in place to avoid mistakes it can also severely dent the reputation of your business.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The point no 2 is not transparent. How the same strategy can be used in all Social Media platforms? There is no scope to raise the issue since every social media is unique in terms of its scope and outcomes.

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