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3 Most Common SEO Mistakes That You Might Be Making Unknowingly

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Every business keeps working on their website to rank top on Google ranking and achieve their desired result by taking assistance of SEO without knowing the mistake they are doing in general. These are found very common SEO mistakes but only a few are aware of same. If you are among those wanted to know those common mistakes and to overrule them, than you are at right place.

1. No Value Proposition:

value-proposition-300x255In any Business format, Value Proposition or USP plays a very important and major role to keep your business run smoothly and consistently on the top gear. Majority of the business owner are not aware of SEO Mistakes they are making, ranging from online to offline service provider, underestimates the effectiveness of value proposition. It’s a great differentiating factor which stands your business first among your competitor and attracts potential consumer towards your website. It also helps in running your business at a desirable rate. So if a business wanted to stay on top, consider Value proposition to rank your website top on Google ranking. It also enable user to click on website, comeback and revisit your website and additionally recommending business website to    their friends. So accordingly website must be published with a value

2. Segmented Approach:

Segmented approach

Segmented approach defines the work of two or more teams in different approach without communicating although they wanted to achieve the same goal. Work of the team on a different approach hardly gives a better result as per expectation, as it’s a very crucial point as there has to be sync among all the team including business team, SEO Team and Marketing team to achieve the common objective of the company in order to have a better marketing campaign that results to a better conversion and then potentially repeated business. It means there has to be a correlation between business’s offline TV ads and online SEO efforts.

3. Time Consuming Workarounds:

time_consumingMost of the business keeps working on their website in a traditional pattern which hardly gives effective result and additionally cause of loss in Google index ranking so rather working in a traditional way, business must look for new features and start implementing best practices like Google-bot fetching and uploading site map (in late 2011) which can simplify their task and give better ranking and search engine ranking. It will enable a better conversion rate and customer friendly interface. and thereby increase Google index ranking.

So, these were among few major SEO mistakes that need to b e rectified with immediate effect and to achieve optimum result. It is a must to have knowledge of these mistakes that were in tradition, unknowingly.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Nice article!!! But not getting a clear idea about Value proposition. I think it required more explanation. To get the proper SEO result, it is very important for any business to maintain two way communication between each department.

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