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3 Most Effective Blog Conversion Tips To Succeed With Inbound Marketing

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Today whenever we think about Blog Conversion, the first thing that comes to our minds are the SEO and SMO techniques. These techniques have proved that they can get popularity and leads to your blog. Apart from these we also have Conversion Optimization which is recently picking up momentum. Conversion Optimization is the method of optimizing a company’s website in order to increase the possibility of capturing leads, customers or conversions. Conversion optimization is also called as Optimization with the CTA’s.

Call-to-Actions are the like the lifeblood of any convincing marketing drives. They are essentially the essentials that grasp a website visitor’s attention and attract them to perform an action.

The 3 most effective blog conversion or optimization tips using the CTA’s are:

  1. Graphical CTAs
  2. CTA placement
  3. Textual or Content embedded CTAs

Graphical CTA’s: 

Graphical CTA’s are one of the most attractive CTA Buttons available. As visuals attract more people graphical CTA’s would be a added advantage for attracting audience and generating the clicks you require. Therefore these graphical CTA’s are one of the good ways to optimize your blog.

 CTA Placement: 

Where you put your CTA on your landing sheet can have a huge impact on your leads conversion. Make sure you place your CTA at the right place in your page accordingly. Depending upon the type of the site we must place the CTA’s. Most commonly CTA’s are placed at the top, bottom and at the right side of the pages. Hence these CTA when placed at the right place generates good amount of leads and clicks.

Textual Or Content Embedded CTA’s: 

These type of CTA’s instead of pictures or graphics contain some interesting text or content with in it. This content must be apt with the blog on your topic. Content must also be written in such a way that it must attract people to click it. This is another good means of optimizing your blog posts to the people.

Hence the above 3 tips are very effective and must be put in mind whenever you try to optimize your blog content using conversion optimization techniques.

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    • 5 years ago

      Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

      Nice Post Nikhita! The tips mentioned are key takeaway points for any conversion to take place.I am curious about the placement though.Can’t we place it in the middle? An impatient user may not have to read the whole article, if he finds it worth it, he would like to click right away.What are your thoughts on this?

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