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3 Most Trustworthy Inbound Marketing Tips To Garner More Conversions

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There is a difference between ‘doing a job’ and ‘performing in a job’. Similarly, the counting on calls made cannot have an equivalent worth of ‘sales made’. Everywhere the performance is to be measured in a very concrete term. We understand the importance of ‘subjectivity’ and the ‘qualitative’ aspects of human (customer) behavior in a business, but we can never compromise with the ‘objectivity’ and the ‘quantitative’ aspects of our business and its performance. Many times, some of the excellent performers are lost in the dilemma between subjectivity and objectivity. For example, lead generation is one of the important outcomes of an inbound strategy, but ultimately as a marketer or as a sales person; your ultimate performance will be measured in terms of number of sales you have made and your contribution to revenue earned. No one can ignore this reality. As a marketer, you may be doing very hard work for conversion of your leads through ‘emails’ and ‘calls’, but these may not produce desired outcomes unless you follow the 3 important tips as suggested below.

  • OFFER PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE TO YOUR VISITORS: Neither generalization nor customization is the solution. You have to create and offer personalized experience to the visitors of your site. It’s about incorporating the principle of ‘individualization’ in inbound marketing. You need to understand the likes and dislikes; choices and preferences; and needs and desires of each of your potential customers. Accordingly, you can address and take care of their expected personalized experience by framing an appropriate subject line and body message in email and by preparing yourself in advance to communicate with them over a phone call.
  • HARMONIZE THE COOPERATION AND COORDINATION BETWEEN THE SALES AND MARKETING PERSONNEL: Don’t blame each other for any kind of performance deficit. The current industrial and market scenario expect us to work as a team. So, try to dissolve your individual ego and align yourself socially and professionally with the team. Develop an attitude to shoulder the responsibilities together and equally share the credit of success or failures among the team members. Unless you create a synergy the inbound system may not be able to produce result.
  • DON’T FOCUS ON WHAT YOU SELL BUT HOW YOU SELL:  It’s a buyers’ market. So, contextualize your transaction process and CRM according to the comfort level, convenience and expectations of your customers. Here, you need to follow and incorporate the principle of ‘customer uniqueness’ in the sales and transaction process. Be confident to create uniquely different personalized experiences for your customers with the same item you sell. For example, the brand ‘Adidas’ stands a symbol of quality for some of your customers, whereas it may be perceived as a symbol of status for others. So, your success mostly depends on how effectively you study and understand your customers than merely being an expert in product knowledge.

Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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