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3 Paid Search Strategies Your Business Will Ever Need

3 Paid Search Strategies Your Business Will Ever Need

With the growing digital marketing trend and evolution of different tools to measure PPC, it has become very difficult to decide which tools to select for the right marketing. Many tools over promise on features but does not deliver the expected performance. One of the biggest challenges of enterprise PPC management tools is to employ bidding strategies in order to save all kinds of money by cutting down cost per click through intelligent bid algorithms. These algorithms provide you the facility to adjust bids to reduce cost. But they do not tell you the best possible way to set them or neither do they provide an algorithm that work out of the box. So in short we have the tool and all we need is a PPC strategy. PPC is like a chessboard, one wrong move and you are doomed.


One does not need any complex algorithms to save money while working on paid search. You don’t need a bulky and complex PPC management tool to cut down your cost for campaigns. All you need is to implement any one of the three core paid search strategies to succeed in your PPC campaigns:

1) Budget Maximization
2) Brand Improvement
3) Maximize Profit

Let’s have a deep look into all the 3 Paid Search Strategies.

1. Budget Maximization

Companies fix the budget for paid search. You know you have a fixed amount that you can spend and it must be a wise spend. In other words, you have to maximize your budget to get maximum benefit out of it. Now as per advertising competition, volume and click prices, you can choose one of the two options to maximize your efforts:

  • Lower Your Costs: Lower your cost per click when there is infinite search query impression every month to drive more click/conversion volume to your website. This involves making use of keyword list and refining it (like removing matches, negative keywords) and lower the bids but don’t forget to keep track of your average position.
  • Increase Click Through: If your site is a niche with a high-quality score and impression, but low volume to spend your budget, you will surely want to increase the traffic and control your click cost simultaneously. You can achieve this by increasing your bid, expanding the keyword list, improving your click through rates and refining an ad copy. All of these items can be adjusted and improved upon to reach your budget spend.

2. Brand Improvement

Every entrepreneur wants their brand to be at the top. To become a well-known brand, it is important to achieve awareness and name recognition and branded companies do well at drawing in customers attention. In the search world, the best way to build a brand recognition is by showing it at the top position of search results. This can be done by both organic and paid results, but you can reach to the top of search results with a high Maximum CPC bid. To enhance your brand even further add Sitelinks to your account to showcase the depth of products and services you offer.

For a well-known brand, the budget is generally not an issue. The budget is fixed, and the company knows which area to focus on and how to position the brand. To bring the brand to number 1 position the easiest way is to do a paid search, but this is inefficient. In reality bidding for top position is a waste pf money. According to Google, conversion rate does not vary very much by position, all  that the first position does in a paid search is build brand awareness for your brand.

Brand building through PPC programs is one of the less expensive way to receive impression as it is an efficient way to build a brand.

3. Maximize Profit

A paid search strategy most of the marketers deploy to focus on profit maximization of campaigns. This is the reason companies spend money on the search engine and industry grows every year. Campaigns are managed to maximize profitability and budget is not the main concern as long as campaigns are giving profit.

The main focus should be on maximizing the profit, with the budget allotted In other words it means bringing fewer conversions at low CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Establishing negative keywords, bidding on keywords of maximum CPA are techniques employed to maximize profit.

Image Credits: Google

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