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3 PPC Tricks That You Must Include In Your SEM Campaign

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It goes unsaid that advertising through Google Adwords is one of the most sought after modes of running SEM campaigns on digital media. As we all know, that one needs to have a good budget to advertise through Google Adwords as it is also one of the most expensive modes of digital advertising. If not done judiciously, it can lead to wastage of valuable budget, with no conversions. The one that can bid high, gets to be placed at the top of the list. Higher rank ensures higher visibility of the advertisement by visitors. Higher visibility of the ad can lead to maximum chances of getting maximum traffic thereby leading to higher business. Hence, before setting up a PPC rate in any SEM campaign, one must make sure that some tips and tricks need to be followed to get optimum results.

We shall discuss a few PPC tricks that one must include in a SEM campaign:

landingKeyword Targeting and Good Landing Page

Keyword targeting as the name suggests is the process to identify which keywords should one include in the SEM campaign. There are a few common follies that one can make while choosing keywords. One common mistake is to choose good keywords or ones which are commonly used in the industry. Following are few other mistakes that one should avoid making:

  1. Choosing good keywords can be problematic as it could already be in use by other competitors. Hence, choosing keywords which are very competitive and direct may not give optimum result.
  2. One might also choose keywords which are common in the industry. This may not give the best results as expected. The reason is, jargon may not be used or understood by common man. A common man would use simple stupid terms in his searches. Hence, choosing jargon can lead to loss of valuable traffic.
  3. Another common temptation is to blindly choose keywords which get high traffic. This happens when one makes use of a keyword suggestion tool to get suggestions of most used keywords in a particular search. It is very easily understandable that these keywords are able to bring traffic because they are also being used by the competition. Using these direct keywords will be futile thereby leading to failure of the campaign.

In addition to keyword targeting, another factor which a number of advertisers do not pay heed to, is the quality of content on the landing page. One must understand that Google will only prefer to give importance to pages which possess relevant and good quality content. As per Google algorithm, the ad rank of any advertisement has a direct impact on the quality score of the landing page. Hence, a low quality content landing page will lead to a low quality score and a low ad rank. To compensate for a low ad rank, one will have to bid more on the ad. The following factors affect the quality of a landing page:

  • High CTR – Higher the quality of the content on the landing page, higher is the Click through rate.
  • High Quality Score – Higher the CTR, higher is the quality score of the landing page.
  • High Ad rank – Higher the quality score of the landing page, higher is the Ad rank.
  • Low CPC rate – Higher the Ad rank, lower is the Cost per Click rate.

re amrRemarketing for SEM campaign

Remarketing, as the name suggests, is a form of advertising in which an advertisement pops up once you choose to leave a website. This is normally seen after one chooses to leave a page without making any conversions. It is a technique used by advertisers to get the potential customer lured with an additional offer to re-enter the website to make conversions or purchases. This method is a common attempt tried by advertisers to get valuable conversions.

For example, let’s say a customer who is looking to buy a weight loss product clicks on an advertisement and lands on a landing page. After visiting the landing page and surfing through various products given on the website, he decides to leave the page without making any purchase. When the customer clicks on the close button, a remarketing advertisement will pop up which goes like, “C’mon, don’t shy away from taking the first step towards attaining fitness.” Here is an amazing offer of an unbelievable price if you decide to buy this product in the next one hour. An awesome discount of 50%!”

In this fashion, the marketer is trying to get the potential customer into buying his product by giving an enticing offer. This is called Remarketing.

outOutsourcing an SEM campaign

There are a lot of marketers who believe in outsourcing the activity of setting up their PPC campaigns. Before doing so one must ensure to conduct checks on the reviews and feedback provided by other clients of the agency. It is also important to check and re-check that the amount that one is investing in the agency is well spent and does not lead to wastage of advertising budget. If the PPC campaign is not set-up after taking into consideration a well thought of strategy and plan, one might end up making serious mistakes leading to loss of traffic to the website. This can in turn lead to loss of business. Hence, only after one is convinced of the reputation of the marketing agency appointed for making the PPC campaign, should one go for outsourcing of the SEM campaign.

With the above points, we can arrive at a conclusion that advertising on Google Ads through PPC campaigns is not an easy process. One needs to allocate a sufficiently large budget for advertising and ensure to put in periodic checks and monitoring to ensure that the investment is bringing in the desired results.

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