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3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself For Efficient Web Analytics Usage

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Most of the analyst do one mistake of working without any purpose or objective. We most of the time are focused on data and report on it, the impact of which is non – tangible to company’s profit. We need to ask questions to get the work done, to get the purpose of what we are doing. First of all, analyst must be ready to do hardwork. Taking a structured approach and carry out own understating of the purpose of business existence on web is important. 3 questions are there which will simplify the task:

What is the reason behind existence of my site and which regions to be focused on first?

The answer is not difficult. Simply you have to rectify 100% purpose for its existence like how it gets leads, generates CTR, how it makes money, what all are Macro Conversions etc. Remember, you are not newbie Analyst going to focus on only 2% of the business growth, you have to figure out Micro Conversion either. Set up a proper Admin Interface first of all. Take a help of tracking mechanism. Set Social actions to ensure maximum visibility and if affiliate marketing is there then keep track of all the parameters and links in parallel with affiliate. One bad thing about analytics is we have too much of data, but then we need to learn an art of how to filter valuable data which will come by practice and experience. So start with simple steps like list out the important sections who needs attention very most. For example, a credit score industry is there, the most important region for it would be “learning” or other sections like “howitworks/help” etc. You can take a help of Content section of Google Analytics and then can jot down the list of KPI’s from valuable filtered content.

How smart my digital marketing strategy is actually? 

As it applies to theory of Blue Ocean Strategy that you have to pull (attract your customer) rather than pushing your product or service to them which make them often irritating. The best strategy for same would be no other than digital marketing advertising. For same you need to know how to rock social media. First of all identify your Target Audience. Visit Google, run bunch of surfing queries looking for your own site’s products / services. Focus on

  1. Organic (unpaid) search rankings
  2. Paid search ads
  3. Competitors and their position in search ranking etc.

After analysing all this create a strategy that how you going to create your digital advertising campaign. All this is input to create starting points for which you will get into the web analytics tool. You will get an idea whether to focus on social traffic first or referring sources? Whether to measure value of YouTube videos first or Display Ads like Infographics first.

What all technical or analytical point are important to note for future?

Regularly check on  source code, check into every single edit and comments, and look if the javascript/html/xml tags are there for web analytics tool. For deep and thorough checking conduct audits, can make use of web analytics site audit tool for same if you have it in place. Keep track of URL structures, Link text, Exit Link etc. are they clean, correct and standard coding is implemented. Click on various external ads like display ads, YouTube ads to take a quick peek at the URL window and to check for what all campaign tracking parameters. Do make a note of pop-up windows also. Make a list of what has changed i.e. past records, what you have to change and all other technical gibberish which you doubt or want some improvement in them.

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    • 5 years ago

      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Very Good Post Apurva,you have given a correct example of blue ocean.

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