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3 Reasons For Choosing Woopra As Web Analytics Tools For Company’s Growth

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Web analytics is something that cannot work in isolation but requires a database on which it can work. This data is generated by all the businesses for their campaigns launched at various platforms viz. websites, social media platforms or in the form of online communication say emails. It is necessary for the businesses to measure the vast amount of data they receive in order to channelize the energies in the right direction which is highly fruitful. It is web analytics that makes a campaign sustainable as it helps the company to develop a database, measure the results, analyse the information and eliminate the negative components while paving the way for the addition of the desirable and necessary ones that bring in huge profits in the future. Thanks to the growing business world, they have come up with many interesting tools under this category and Woopra is one of the well known tools available in the market. In order to gain maximum out of it, it is essential to understand how it works and the key points that must be remembered while adopting it as a business tool.

There are 4 basic components of the process involved in Web Analytics. These are-

  • The business metrics
  • Data collection
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Optimisation and action

Now we shall discuss these 4 components in detail so as to make it easy to start using Woopra right way without any further delay.

The first component i.e. understanding the business metrics involves the basic understanding of business strategy and determining the key performance indicators in the same.

The second component refers to the process of choosing the most appropriate data collection or web analytics tool and using to collect the necessary data (that is planned) and measure it to obtain the results for the business growth.

The third component means analysing the data which is either recently obtained or has been stored for future analysis and generating a final report on the same. The main reason for this analysis is to develop an understanding on the online behaviour of the users.

The fourth component involves a continuous process where the relevant insights obtained from the analysis of the data are used for the improvement of the marketing strategy of the company by modifying the same according to the behaviour of the customers online.

Woopra is a real- time customer analytics service that provides solutions for sales, services, marketing and product teams. The tool is designed to let the organisations optimise the customers’ life cycle by delivering the live data for website visitors and the customers.

The main function that Woopra performs is generation of customer profile. Woopra is able to track the customer intelligence i.e. it records the first visit of the customer and then all the consecutive visits after the first one. The tool creates a profile for every visitor and makes the analysis relatively much simpler. This makes it quite easy for the company to segment the customers who are in different life cycles at a particular time period. The marketing strategy can then be redefined and targeted well according to the analysis and the report about the audience behaviour online. This feature is combined with live monitoring function. You can see the customers navigating through the site which certainly helps in developing a better understanding not just on the customers’ online behaviour but also gives the experts a chance to brainstorm the ideas to improve the website to ensure smooth and meaningful navigation.

Live monitoring actually gives a chance to the expert to put himself into the shoes of the visitor and then have a re-look on the website. This fresh perspective is what is called for most of the time when the things seem to be alright, but still not delivering the desired results. Woopra is capable of generating data in real time when the customer is actually visiting the site. The dashboard can be customised for certain types of customers and certain types of activities. It also allows you to send customised notifications on any platform that you desire say email, website or phone. This helps the company to be aware about the activities whether good or bad even when there is no person monitoring the dashboard. All this makes Woopra an efficient business partner and a wise investment.

As Woopra generates customer profiles, it makes it easy for the company to focus on the most important ones. To ease up the process further, this tool helps in setting a label for the different segments of the customers identified both in the present and those that have potential to become a customer in the near future.

This tool proves to be of high value when clubbed with the company’s customer relationship management programme as it gives useful insights into the online behavioural trends of the online visitors. What is the thing that triggers them to buy the product instantly or stops them from making a purchase altogether? These are the important questions that must be answered before expecting any concrete results from the campaign(s) launched by the company.

The live monitoring feature of Woopra comes in handy in this case. When the visitor is present at the site there can be better engagement with him through the features like live chat. This is a way that is being adopted by the companies today to engage the customer and guide them through the conversion channel to save the time of both the pries involved. The live chat feature can be also be used in a customised way by making it to pop-up only for the qualified leads who are eager to learn more about the business and are almost ready to make the purchase. This feature is similar to the experience in a brick and mortar store where the sales person steps in to solve any query of the visiting potential customer. It gives a sense of confidence to the visitor who feels that he is cared for and is hence guided through the process.

So try Woopra and find it out for yourself that it is a tool that is just the right and wise investment for better results!

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