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3 Refined Tips For A Sound Online Video Strategy Resulting In A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Online video strategy continues to explode in its fame, with about over 181 million users having viewed nearly 37 billion video clips in the April 2012, according to comScore. Also, the top five sharing channels on the web, such as YouTube, Yahoo’s, Facebook, and Microsoft’s respective networks can alone prove to be a powerful platform for branding your business.

However, sometimes these numbers can also tell a very perplexing story. Just because you can attract a major set of online audience doesn’t denote that it’s simple to mobilize your business online.

Still, many new entrepreneurs are looking to effectively brand their own ventures or their significant products and services, in the form of a short film type of content that can be an extremely cost-effective way to connect with your viewers online. Here are 3 most important tips one need to know in order to craft a successful online video strategy:


1. Focus on quality Content, Not Special Effects and illustrations:

While illumination quality and the audio quality must be of a professional level, genuineness and value matter more on the Web than Hollywood level production expenses. Using some good and affordable pocket digital cameras can help you a lot in capturing the HD product shots, events and testimonials at minimal expense. Note that for a brand named business, their natural preference is to focus on best, professionally-produced stuff. Whereas on the Internet, where viewers expect rawer, more crude conversation, understand that the worth of clips is derived more from real video content, and the information contained within, than the contiguous lustre. Therefore make your video in a way that attracts audience all over the web because of its content and not just for its heavy eye catching graphics.

2. Define Your Objectives and Plan accordingly:

It’s highly impractical to conduct a victorious video marketing campaign without first defining its success metrics. Whether your plan is to increase the page views, or growing sales conversions, or boosting subscriber counts, thereby before planning any sort of promotional activities, categorize the several key performance indicators. To succeed in video marketing, first of all try to understand where you wish to influence the change and then watch the results consistently to measure whether the video clips moved the needle or not.

Before screening your video, pick at least one to three key significant points you wish to express through your clip, and choose a exclusive structural point of view and concept like a news brief, or a comedic skit, or behind-the-scenes look, etc to present to your audience. Always close your video by reiterating your required takeaway together with an immediate CTA by the viewers, i.e. liking your Facebook page or visiting your website to enter a contest. Prior to posting finally, ask for feedback from viewers to determine how well your message was communicated, and whether your efforts were enough to achieve the desired result.

3.  Market and Promote Each Video Clip:

It doesn’t matter how well-crafted your videos are, viewers won’t always come. With thousands of new video clips competing for the attention of the people everyday, innovation is supreme. To improve chances of connecting well with the audience, build videos in the form of categorized series, one-off special promo video or a unique program that can be promoted as exclusive and remarkable content examples. Integrate taped appearances by some notable or famous personalities in the respective business field, companies and brands where ever possible; most of them are happy to participate for their own exposure, and can drive awareness among the public by sharing with their own views and experiences. Then support these efforts with continuous and quality blog posts, PR’s, social media platforms and outreach yourself to some prominent critics, community members and websites. Try to market your video online by simply thinking out of the box and this could generate huge results than expected for your business.

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      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      2012? Don’t you think it is old data? Can you share some data from 2014 or atleast 2013? What do you want to explain by first visual? Please post few lines.

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