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3 Search Engine Marketing Tips To Create Great PPC Ads

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We have time and again faced this situation wherein our best laid efforts in online advertising have not produced the best results. What is going wrong is a question that one needs to answer to get to the solution to this problem. Is my keyword selection incorrect, am I not using the right strategy to advertise online, what can I do to stand out amongst competition, etc. could be some of the haunting questions to name a few. Beyond these core areas which require serious attention while creating a PPC ad, there are some simple tips one can keep in mind which can go a long way to give good results. What are the few tricks which one can use in order to get the best out of our PPC campaigns and get better conversions?

Let us look at some simple search engine marketing tips to keep in mind for creating a good PPC ad:

Differentiate From The Competition

It is very important to ensure that our product stands out amongst competition. It is a well known fact that the product which gets better visibility has a higher chance to get sold. How can this be achieved? The answer is very simple. While creating a PPC ad, one needs to think of all possible features that the product has which is different from competition. No matter what the niche is, it is required to pull the traffic. Be sure that if it is a feature, someone will be searching for it thereby resulting in valuable traffic.

For example, we have loads of online options to choose from for clothing for women. Now, if a retailer intends to create a rush to his website through his PPC ad, he needs to think of a niche in which his brand stands out in comparison to other competition. Now if this retailer is in the business of selling maternity and nursing wear, then this becomes his niche. Not all brands selling women attire sell maternity and nursing wear. Hence, if this retailer was to use this niche to bring traffic to his website, then he can make valuable sale. The visibility of his website increases and this would result in increase in volume of traffic to his website.

Improve Call To Action in a PPC Ad

It is very crucial to create ads which can connect with the requirements and sentiments of the viewers. This is seen especially in the case where a call to action is required in a PPC ad. That is, an ad can be created in various ways; however, a successful ad will be one which has been created keeping in mind the emotion that will be generated, when a viewer views it. The ad in the first place, should be able to attract the viewer’s attention and once the attention has been sought, it should be able to strike a chord with the viewer and his need. This should act on his emotions and provoke him to make the required call to action.

For example, an online florist selling bouquet of flowers for various occasions can create a call to action in his PPC ad in various ways. But the best option to instigate a call to action is when a personal, emotional connect is established. That is, one option that the florist can choose is “Book Now” for making a sale. However, if the florist chooses something like, “see her blush with this bouquet of red roses”, he can immediately connect with the emotion of viewer thereby luring him to make the required call to action.

One should try using various call to actions and not just stick to one while creating a PPC ad. This way one can analyze which ones perform better that the others. The good performers should be retained and the bad ones should be removed.

Reduce Risk And Establish Credibility In A PPC Ad

For a new customer, taking any action on a new website can be daunting and hence may not result in valuable conversions. It is very vital to take care of this aspect by making the customer feel at ease. This can be done by providing details on options like return policy, free return within 30 day period, warranty, etc. These options can make a buyer feel at ease as he has an option to undo his purchase in case he is not satisfied with the product or the product delivered has not be able to stand up to his expectations. These options essentially reduce the risk of the buyer thereby improving his online experience.


Another important factor that one needs to keep in mind is to win the buyer’s trust and establish credibility. One way this can be done is by giving details on the reviews provided by other customers who have been on the website. These experiences shared by various customers can build trust in the mind of the new customer to proceed with his purchase.

PPC-Establish-Credibility - 2

With the above discussion, we can conclude that there are various simple ways in which one can create a good PPC ad. One needs to try out these simple tips to see what works the best for one’s business. The important factor one needs to keep in mind is to win the customer’s trust and make him feel at ease through his purchase process. A satisfied customer is more likely to return and make more purchases. He is more likely to give a good feedback of his experience on the website and this feedback can go a long way in making other new customers make their first purchase.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      When people come looking for certain things and search over search engines, there pops out many service providers. It becomes really difficult to choose. As a marketer if the above tips are kept in mind, then the business can expect increase in sales. Ultimately, people look for comfort and reliability.

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