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3 SEO Don’ts That You Must Pay Attention Now

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Everyone wants to be on the Google’s first page either its a Branded company or a Start Up business. Doing SEO is not a big deal but yes doing it in a right way and that too according to the Google’s rules and policy is little bit tricky. So lets have a look at top 3 SEO Don’ts that we need to keep in mind while doing SEO for any website:-

1. Content Content is the foundation for any websites. Whenever any search engine crawls your website it looks for certain information and if this information matches with your content then your ranking will be improved. So one must pay attention in content. Basically, in broader way there are some common mistakes which should be avoid:-

  • Duplicate Content –  According to Google, Duplicate content means the repeation of content in more than one webpage within the same or different website. The problem in having duplicate content is bots cant identify which content to be indexed. Below are the example:-

Home page duplication – Check the site whether there are any home page duplication is present or not.

URL Duplication

6-Common-SEO-Mistakes-2 (2)

  •  No content & out dated content- Pages having only 1 paragraph or no content or out dated content is totally a waste from users side. Fresh and updated articles always appreciated by the user.

2. Keyword Stuffing – It is a technique of dumping a large number of keywords into the same Webpage. According to Google, it is unethical and now purely consider as Black-hat techniques.


3. Link farming – Basically a link farm is a website or group of website which increases the link popularity of another site. Link farming offers good link but sometimes bad link also there which reduces the PR. Prefer only link with those websites which has higher PR. Also never try to buy the links. Many Big brands penalizes from Google because of the buying links. Having too many link will never increase the rank. Important is having quality of back links.

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