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3 SEO Mistakes That May Be Harmful For Ecommerce

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In order to generate maximum traffic and revenue from an eCommerce site, certain improvements in marketing strategies are required.  Given below are 3 Search engine optimization mistakes that need to be rectified for deriving the maximum benefit:-

Online shopping concept.

Mistake #1 – Improper Product Details This is the most common mistake made in any eCommerce website. If there are no proper product details available on the site,  audience will loose  interest. To keep the audience interested, the following aspects should be kept in view:-

a) Use Of Manufacturer Descriptions – Everyone uses the same description provided by Manufacturer. It is not unique. To stand out in a crowd,  a unique description of the product is imperative.

b) Duplicate Content – Using the same content in every product page will decrease the efficiency as well as the profitability of the product. There should be uniqueness  in every page so that Google as well as the user can search the  required page.

c) Keyword Stuffing – Using too many  keywords in a product detail kill page ranking and traffic. Google penalizes those pages which have more than 3-4 times the same keywords. So, beware of keyword stuffing in your product details.

d) General Keywords – One should avoid usage of very simple and common keywords for  products. It is a big mistake, since this will decrease the chances of being searched by the users and not even by Google, due to high competition.

Given below are the tips for  optimizing the   product detail page:- 5-tips-for-optimizing-an-ecommerce-product-detail-page

Mistake #2 – SEO Anti-Friendly URL And Anti-Canonical Tags Having lots of SEO anti-friendly URLs makes your website pages dead. Google  loves to search those pages in which optimized keywords are  present in URL. The main problem related to canonical tags are:- a)Category pages – In many website, filter options and sort option can come up with same content issue.


b) Product Pages – One can face canonical issue in color, product images, reviews etc.

product-page c) Paging – Next, previous and view all option in the product page can be one of the reason for cannonicalization . e-commercepagination

meta-description-duplicatesMistake #3 – Improper & Duplicate Product Title And Meta Description Lack of proper title tags and meta description creates a  mess. Users as well as Google find it difficult to navigate the pages. Use catchy titles relevant to your product.

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