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3 SEO Tips For Continued Business Success

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PR and SEOOnline Public Relations (PR) is an important aspect of continued business success and for online PR to work; you need to incorporate SEO in your digital marketing strategy. Public relations activities with great content are the new age SEO for 2014 and beyond. Online PR is becoming SEO’s support, anchor and vehicle and is important for continued business success.  Optimize your emails and press releases to drive maximum traffic to your websites and rank higher on the search engine results. Competition in digital marketing is growing fierce, the budgets for all aspects of SEO are set to increase by 45% in the next few years, so gear up to enhance your online presence with the help of the following 3 tips.

1. Link to Client’s Homepage in an email marketing campaigndownload (27)

While designing email campaigns for your clients, always insert links to your client’s websites and blogs in the documents. Also ensure that links are appropriate and point to the relevant content, or design landing pages accordingly. Send the email pitches to your target audience as well the media. In addition to the email campaigns, also send out online press releases for the campaign and do not forget to link back to the client. Always ensure that the links are inserted at the end of the email content. Once the media find out about the campaigns they will broadcast it all over the internet and it will also be a type of an indirect endorsement as they will start talking about the products or services being promoted. The links generated by the media is rated highly by Google’s algorithms and that can translate into higher rankings for the website. Thus, with the help of SEO in media interaction, it is possible to reach a wider online and offline audience.

download (28)2. Always use Hyperlinks in News releases

Whenever news releases or press clippings are released always add hyperlinks and keyword link backs in the content. So when the media and the audiences read the news item they can always find out the latest news and also the products and services offered by the company by clicking on the hyperlinks. The hyper linked keywords can then link back to the website with relevant content or suitable landing pages can be designed especially to fulfil the objectives of online PR. Make the most of your news release leads by stuffing many keywords in the first 75 to 100 words of the documents. Ideally try to summarize the entire news release within the first 100 words. This way even with external communication, like press and news releases, the website/webpage can be suitably optimized. With media interaction the search rankings will automatically get a boost and increase traffic to your website.

3. Blogging for SEOdownload (26)

Always create a blog for your company website and continuously update it with fresh content and strong keywords. Blog posts can be easily shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn etc. which creates a channel to increase site traffic. This way your website can possibly be re-quoted, retweeted, linked back and also receive comments and this social engagement is good for SEO and online PR. Fresh new quality content is evergreen and is responsible for bringing constant traffic and ensuring continued business success.

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