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3 Simplest Ways To Align Keywords And Landing Pages For Increasing Footfalls And Conversion Rates

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In building up an online marketing campaign both aligning keywords and landing pages play an important role in measuring quality score. The quality score and customer experience are the two most important factors for your advertisement to work effectively. To give you brief about keywords and landing pages, keywords are certain words you choose for your campaign, keeping in mind what online users might type in the search engine to reach out your campaign. To attract visitors, you need to use certain keywords, for example: “flat sandals discounted”, “flat sandals for women”, “flat sandal for brides’. On the other hand, landing page is a page on your website that persuades users to take a further action to purchase what you’re selling, it could be anything from asking to register, free download, 30 days free trial version or discount garment or shoes. Do not get confused between a landing page and a web page. Optimizing your keywords and landing page is very important, in that case your website is half way through from getting clicked. As an online business, you need to understand the process to build your keywords and landing page.


Understanding keywords:

I. Selecting the right keywords is a critical step. Your goal should be to get qualified visitors and increase the number of conversions. It will be a waste of time to get as many visitors as possible to your site. Focus on the buyer who intends to purchase what you’re selling.

II. Your keywords should be relevant to your business. It should pursue the searcher to click on your advertisement and reach your landing page. For example, if you are an online software business and you want users to visit your site, use keywords such as “free download software”, “free 30 days trial offer”, “free sign up” or “discount software”.

III. Use powerful keywords, instead of “Samsung galaxy” use “Samsung galaxy best phone”, “Samsung galaxy best price”, Samsung galaxy best apps”. Use such keywords to increase the curiosity of the users to buy your product.

Understanding landing page:

I. Your keywords should direct to your landing page. Your landing page should be simple to understand and relevant to your keywords. A landing page initiates a user to take some action either to use your trial version, download your free e-book or place an order of their favorite product or service.

II. The overall look of your landing page should have minimum text and be easy to navigate. As soon as a user visits your page it should be easy to understand the next step of action either to sign up or use a discounted coupon.

III. Keep your landing page text short and use more of images than text. Test your headlines, content, text color, font and text size. Testing will help you to perform well and better than your competitors.

These are the simplest ways to align your keywords and landing page. Hence, make sure your alignment is right. By the use of keywords attract qualified users you believe their intentions will be satisfied by taking a call to action on your landing page, to “buy”, “register” or “order”. If you are an e-commerce business make use of words such as ‘Best seller handbags”, “New arrival shirts”, “discounted jeans”, etc., and match the look of your landing page with the keywords. In search marketing both keywords and landing pages are useful for Pay per click ads and search engine optimization. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy getting more conversions and a perfect customer relationship.

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