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3 Smart SEO Tips For Bloggers

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Search engine optimization is practiced by all the businesses but there are a few secrets to make it extremely rewarding for few businesses while others simply keep their eyes wide open to gauge what is happening. For a business person who has full confidence on its products but is still away from achieving high search page position, this blog is a must read. Read on to learn about the secrets of SEO.


1. Address The Problems In Webmaster Tools (Google):

Check for duplicity in content or repeated description for the same. This will result in Google blacklisting the Website and not sending bulk traffic as desired. One will not receive any personalized email for the same from the Google. Thus, creating trouble in the Webmaster tool. This problem needs to be addressed earliest possible  so as to rank the content high enough in the search engine result page.

2. Build Internal Links:

Do not give partial treatment to old posts as against the new ones. Instead leverage the old posts by linking them to the latest posts so as to build a connection in the two and give the reader a background of the topic being discussed currently. The posts ranked high by Google can be used again as cross-links. Also, visit the old posts that have performed really well and use them again.

Another way is to reverse the process and link the new posts with the old ones. If the post is copied or used by someone, linking it this way will help regain authentic right over the same.

3. Lengthy Content Is Good Content:

It’s all about SEO and therefore, one should refrain from being lazy and publishing inappropriate content on the site. In order to be ranked high on Google, the word limit of the content matters though it does not mean that short and crisp write-ups have no place in the market. They do perform well according to the topic but yes, a good research work can run in thousands of words without any risk of losing the reader’s attention.

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