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3 Social Media Marketing Tips For Effective Networking And Quick Business Growth

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socialmediaSocial Media Marketing is the new medium or tool of marketing that the internet revolution has presented to people. More and more businesses are optimizing social media to achieve growth. Social media marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing. First, it is a cheaper medium than the traditional media hence, the Return On Investment (ROI) is better.

Second, it is easier to find target market on social media. Target market can be segregated on the basis of demographics like gender, age, location, hobbies, employment and relationship status which allows one design marketing messages that appeal to them.

Third, social media marketing is more engaging. On a social media channel, people can criticize, express their opinions and share their testimonials. This allows the businesses an opportunity to communicate directly with people and address their concerns. This builds engagement which is critical to success.

Engagement or effective networking with the target market is the key requirement for the growth of any business. When one is using social media to network with their target market, it is very important to know some ways to do it better.

There are many social media marketing tips that will help a business to network effectively while saving their valuable time. Below are the top three tips to follow in order to achieve success in networking in social media.

  1. Presence in multiple platforms:


If there is a Pinterest page, having a board that shares each of the social media platforms with a link to the account is a good strategy. This may or may not increase sales of the business but it is still a very effective practice that will build credibility. When a business adds tabs or links of other social media platforms that they have presence on, it sends a message that the business is credible as it has presence on various other platforms. Needless to say that it increases the reach and visibility of the business.

It is equally important that the pages on these platforms are regularly updated with posts and messages. Just having presence on many platforms is not enough, it is important that the messages and posts on these platforms are engaging and attractive. It gives interested people an opportunity to visit these other platforms and learn more about the business and its offerings.

This however should not only be limited to Pinterest page, this can also be replicated on other platforms like Facebook and Google Plus.

  1. Focus on the target market:

It is very important to have a target market in order to achieve concrete results. With a few exceptions, not all small businesses and their products and services are meant for everyone. Therefore, it does not help a business to have 2 million people view their message they do not take an action because the products and services are not for them. Having a specific target market in mind while designing the posts and updates will increase the effectiveness of the messages resulting in better engagement.

One of the most unique things about social media marketing is that it allows one to reach a very specific segment of people that one is trying to engage with. This segment can be differentiated on the basis of gender, age, location, likes and dislikes, hobbies, relationship and employment status and online behaviour to name a few. This is a lot of information to get about somebody before offering a product or service to him. This will not only result in better quality of messages designed for them but also higher engagement from them. One of the most important principles in social media marketing is engagement which builds relationship and relationship leads to sales.

  1. Do not over promote:

Many businesses make the mistake of over promoting themselves. People are not really interested to know what a business is or who is the owner of the business is. What matters to people is what can the business do for them and how can it add value to their lives.

When two people are engaged in a conversation and one of them only talks about himself and his achievements then soon the other person will lose interest in the conversation. Many businesses on social media make the same mistake. They go out of their way to talk about their business, their achievements and the key people in their organization. It is more appropriate to explain these things on their websites. It is okay to do it to a certain extent but overdoing it will drive people away because these information do not concern them. It is not about self, it is about them first. Social media is a platform to build relationship with people by engaging them.

Businesses should concentrate on providing value to the people they are engaging with. They should design messages that inspire people and motivates them to do better in their lives. When a business promotes itself, they should also let people know what can they do and how they can help them. This will help to build trust between the business and people. When that trust is built, people will be more interested to know what the business has to offer to them.

Every marketing campaign has some best practices that must be followed for the campaign to succeed and social media is no different. Social media is relatively a new phenomenon but it has become the centrepiece of many businesses who design their marketing campaign around it. This use of this medium for marketing is so widespread that it is very critical to know the right way of doing it. The widespread use of this medium has increased competition and the danger of one’s message getting lost among so many is ever present. However, following the above mentioned tips would give the businesses an edge over others and help them convey the right messages to people.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      It is important to have presence on various social networking sites but at the same time one should also manage them properly. If the posts are focusing only on sales then it may generate negative publicity for the business. Nice write-up and these tips will definitely help the marketers.

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