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3 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Size Businesses To Succeed On Twitter

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Twitter  for small businessTwitter has today become one of the most used social media platforms. With more than 200 million users worldwide it has become a good platform for transacting business and finding as well as connecting with prospective customers. Being active on Twitter is an integral  part of social media marketing strategy of many businesses today. But sometimes it becomes really difficult for small business as to how to succeed on Twitter. What to do, who to follow, who not to follow, what to say, what not to say, how to increase followers etc. But in reality Twitter isn’t that hard. It is just like any other social media platform which helps you to connect with people who you want to connect with, who share your areas of interest, share common goals or professionals/experts of your field of work.

Following are the three tips which can help small businesses to succeed on twitter

19eivduweuigtjpg1. Purging your list

First point is just don’t go and start following profiles tweepifeatuesblindly. You should pick and choose people, groups, brands, areas of interest etc. that actually interests you. Otherwise your feed can get bombarded with messages that are of no real use to you and you will miss out on actual news/updates of your interest. Twitter provides a platform for conversing and networking. Businesses would like to build up relationships with relevant users who can provide some value to them. So it is advisable to thin your follow list so that you are able to see updates which are useful to you. You can take help from services like to flush out profiles that you can drop from your feed.

2. Act as a resource for your followers

Whether you are an individual or a business always be a resource point for your followers. You should strive to create/ curate unique content related to your audience’s field of interest and share it on a regular basis. Populating your feeds with information that is valuable to your customers not only keep your users engaged but also positions you as an expert in your related field.

3. Using search tool and Twitter’s advanced search option

searchdiscoverTwitter’s search is a very handy tool that helps you to connect with potential customers/clients, friends, acquaintances etc. You can use the #Discover tab to open up a page where you can find a list of suggestions for brands, people you want to follow. It also shows a list of trending topics and hashtags which are currently doing rounds on Twitter. Apart from this it also shows feeds of tweets of topics and things of your interests. Here you can also use the search tab using keywords to search for any topic, people, products, services or anything that you do or what you think your customers might be interested in.

The advanced search tool provides an exhaustivTwitter-Advanced-Searche option to refine your search. You can base your search query on

  • Keywords- You can put a pool of keywords to choose from, some exact phrase for e.g. “people looking for courier services”. You can also put negative keywords which the tool will avoid during searching. It also provides you the option of putting in specific hashtags to search from. And lastly you can base your search on the basis of any language of your choice.
  • People- You can also base your search on people handling specific accounts or mentoring specific accounts. For e.g. people from accounts like “Hubspot” or people mentoring accounts like “Mashable” etc.
  • Places- Search tools also allows you to add up particular location to your search query for e.g. “people looking for home tuition near Saket, New Delhi”.
  • Dates- You can also put in dates to further refine your search.
  • Others- Here the search tool provides you the option of refining your search query on the basis of positive feeds, negative feeds, questions and retweets.

*source: Google images

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      What do you mean by ‘force to unfollow you’? How far using # mark helps us in Twitter?

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