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3 Social Media Marketing Tips That Result In Higher ROI

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Small scale companies follow a different set of approach in social media marketing than their larger sized counterparts. Small companies work on a limited budget, fewer employees with larger priority on traditional style of marketing. Smaller companies are more concerned about the return on investment when it comes to using social media channel for their marketing activities.

Though the power of content and social media channels can help getting more customers and prospects, smaller companies are not yet ready to spend more on social media marketing. Getting started without any previous experience is also a challenge to such start up companies.

It is very important that we should understand social media marketing fundamentals before jumping into the wagon. It requires more listening than talking when interacting with clients. Understand target audience’s content and know what is most important to them. This way only we can bridge the gap between the marketer and the audience and engage with long lasting relationship.

What type of social media strategy is suitable for small and medium scale companies where the allocation fund is limited for such promotional activities? Here are few social media marketing tips that can ensure better return on investment (ROI):

  1. Give more importance to audience’s requirements while interacting with them. We need to ensure that our audience values our communication and they get some benefit out of it. Get their opinion about the new products or services that our company is about to launch. Involve audience in every marketing event and ensure audience participation in every promotional activity. It is also important that we enrich our knowledge about latest trends in the market and new tools launched in the market by reading leading blogs and online journals.
  2. Use advertising channels available on Facebook and LinkedIn to achieve better coverage in marketing. Both these advertising channels are very much affordable and worth trying for any type of product promotional activities. We can target people based on their interest, geographical area they live or their job profile. Advertising on LinkedIn is a best choice for B2B marketing while the Facebook advertising is best for promoting unique product categories.
  3. Twitter and Google+ are two major social media channels that are used by all types of companies for their product’s promotional activities. Set up Twitter and Google+ alerts for business. It is a good idea to use services like Dialogix, a social media monitoring tool, to get detailed feedback about our brand and industry. Set up realistic social media marketing plan and track its performance at different intervals. Monitor audience response about our brand and activities with the help of sites like, or Set up Google Alert so that we get alert message whenever our brand or related information is referred on the web. This will help us update our knowledge level in our area of business.

Use Twitter as a micro blog and link to contents related to our brand or area of business. Always use hashtags on Twitter to get wider reach of audience. Use channels like YouTube for product demonstrations. We can make quality videos using smart phones. To become successful in social media marketing, we need to know how to handle negative feedback and remarks, appropriately. Our website should be adequately optimized enough to achieve our marketing goal. Pininterest is another major social media channel where we can share impressive and catchy pictures of our products or services. This channel is more effective for products that are visually appealing such as food, automotive, building or travel. Enroll for a Pininterest business account and promote products and services. Encourage others for “Pinning”.

Like every other marketing tools, we need to adhere to certain disciplined aspects to maximize quality from our social media marketing activities. Here are few important points that require our attention:

  • Focus is important: We need to be very focused on our social media goal and strategy so as to get the best results and get better coverage for our brands.
  • Quality is important than quantity: It is better to have limited number of best quality connections than large number of poor quality connections. Engagement and communication are very important here.
  • We need to be patient to start seeing our best results. Social media marketing takes its own time to start showing its best results. We need to be committed to our routine social media and content marketing tasks and never get discouraged due to lack of immediate results.
  • When we publish quality content to build our audience, our readers will share our contents on all social media channels and this opens new entry points for search engines. We get even more coverage from these search engines.
  • Identify market influencer in our niche market who have quality readers and interested in our products and services. Engage with such people would enhance our brand coverage and reach. When we post quality and interesting information, people who are in the same line of business would share it with their followers and ensure larger audience base.
  • Never use social web to push our products and services to our audience. This will create a negative impact. Eventually people will stop reading through our content and stay away from us. Instead, engage with people with some innovative manner. Add value to our interactions with them. Social web space is to be used more to establish better relationship with audience than pushing products. This approach will create more loyalty towards our brand which will catalyze our business growth. We shouldn’t ignore our audience online. Acknowledge them appropriately. Building relationship is the most important factor to succeed in social media marketing.
  • When we want others to share our content and talk about our business, we need to do the same for them too. Spend some time on social media to discuss about others content and share them online.
  • Be there for audience and interact with them in active conversation after the submission of content each time. We need to be visible to our audience all the time and maintain the relationship.
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