3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page

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We live in the ICE Age- Information, Communications and Entertainment. People today first click and then go to brick and mortar stores. Therefore, it is extremely important that your virtual showroom i.e. your website and its landing pages are immaculate and easy to navigate and above all informative. Therefore, I attempt to provide insights to a 3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page.

Just as we do a little bit of research or scanning in the market where we are about to open our showroom, it is very important to do a little bit of research before you build your virtual showroom i.e. your website and understand the psyche of your target audience. Digital visitors have a very short and finicky attention span or time they are willing to spend on any website, unless they are looking for something very specific. If there is competition in your category, then you have to use the 3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page for people to stick to it for long.

1st Step- Understanding the customer psyche of 3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page

Research says that the following points given below will help you to build a better design and feel of your website.


1. Majority is not ready to buy yet

People do research online on any item they intend to buy first and then compare the other options available. People also use social media to get opinions of their friends, relatives or even unknown persons reviews before they narrow down their choices. The point I am trying to drive home here is to understand that majority of the people are not ready to buy yet when visiting your website for the first time. So it is important that your website design interface is not only attractive but contains all the information and is easy to navigate. This will build credibility and TOM- top of mind recall for people to come back after research. That is why you must use 3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page.

2. Majority is risk averse

In the digital world most of the people are not comfortable with specially unknown brands. Even in case of known brands they are apprehensive of its genuineness. Therefore we find often that we are offered a 14 day/ 30 day free trial offer to build trust. For issues like payment the Indian Jugaad has options like COD- cash on delivery and so on. Hence, we must make provisions for such offers in our website for people to try it before they are confident enough to buy it.

3. People don’t want to think

When visiting a website people expect it to provide all the information they require upfront. They are not here to think about the missing information say for example, what will the product look like? So actual product image is a must. Then product description/ specifications in short, best price, refund policy, return policy, testimonials and reviews etc. must be provided in the website pages so that the customers don’t have to think any more about the product they intend to buy. This satisfies the customer’s curiosity about the product and lets him make an informed choice.

4. People want friction free experience

Imagine while navigating through the website after liking the product you come across a long page form that requires you to fill a lot of information. Like your name, address in 3 lines, phone number, mobile number, email id, city, state, country, date of birth, credit/ debit card details in 5 lines etc. I would be scared and immediately abandon the site. So guys it is important to slice and dice the information in 2 or 3 pages and if possible at different stages of customer navigation for people to have friction free experience.

5. People don’t read they scan

In the digital world people just scan through the pages instead of reading it word to word. Therefore, it is essential that your information is crisp and to the point with relevant images or videos so that people can scan through quickly and decide whether they want to spend more time on it or move on.

6. There are blocking questions/ concerns in people mind

in the real world also when you go from shop to shop you have a lot of blocking questions in your mind. You ask the salesman those questions and get clarifications based on which you make your decision to buy or not to buy from that shop. Similarly in the virtual world you have multiple blocking questions. Hence, you find FAQS on the website to solve all the common queries a customer may have. And if they have further concerns they can use the helpline provision on the website to satisfy their concerns.

2nd Step- Patterns of 3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page                    

During the customer journey on website pop-ups can be used effectively as a trigger to convert.

Netflix.com pop-up ads

  1. Top of the page Pop-up CTA- call to action- Top of the page pop-up is almost certain to get noticed by the visitors. It is great when people are familiar with your products. But in case of people visiting for the first time, it may turn them off to commit at this stage. Therefore, it is a better option to build audience using top of the page pop-ups than to generate leads.
  2. Pop-up opt-in- It may hinder a customer’s journey if asked to commit before he is comfortable with my website. Therefore it could turn out to be a poor user experience. Hence to improve the experience one must take care of certain points before a pop-up is shown. Unless a customer has gone through the content the pop-up should not appear. Also say after the customer has gone through some pages then it pops up or say a repeat visitor is shown a pop-up after 2 or 3 visits.

3rd Step- Components of 3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page

User flow and online persuasion is the key to influencing behavior of website visitors. As per Dr. B. J. Fogg- motivation (opportunity – concerns) plus the ability of the customer to move and his readiness to buy coupled with the CTA- call to action will trigger him to convert. A sample of landing page created by me is given below:Unbounce Landing page task 3 (1)


  1. Values Proposition- A landing page must be clear what problem of a customer it solves, for whom it solves and how it is different from competition. Therefore very crisp, short and loud headlines should state upfront the above issues.
  2. Product Explanation- A product description must follow the headline to explain the features of the product to build a clear picture in the customer’s mind.
  3. Screenshot/ Video- Actual picture of the product must be shown or demo video ad must be placed appropriately in the landing page for the customer to visualize how it will look like.
  4. Testimonials- Speaking in the language a customer understands or a fellow user review will reinforce the credentials of the product in the customers mind. He will relate to it in a better way.
  5. Cost- All cost associated with the purchase must be stated upfront. Hidden cost like extra charges for debit card use, delivery charges etc. must be stated to build customer confidence.
  6. Risk- Refund policy, period and terms and conditions of return, time taken for delivery etc. must be mentioned so that the customer has a clear picture of the type of deal he is likely to get.
  7. After showing the customer the opportunity and addressing his concerns as stated above, based on the readiness of the customer, proper call to action must be provided to trigger the desired action.

To reinforce my belief that you must guide the customer journey smoothly it is extremely important to use this 3 Step Guide to Build Conversion Oriented Landing Page.

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