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3 Techniques To Get Higher Rank With Your Existing Content

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Suppose you already have a website which gets ranked on page 4 of search result and now you want to customize your website content to get it ranked on say 2nd page. There are bunch of techniques that you can use to get higher ranking with your existing content. Sometimes we can achieve this without modifying any content but most of the time it requires some changes. Below are few techniques that you should keep in mind to get higher rank with your existing content:

  • External Links

One of the first thing we can do to get higher rank with existing content is by building external links of our website. External links means we share our website page link in groups or other website that shares same interest. Most of the time this technique is used for non-profit website. Good example of this is the educational website where you can share your website link with others easily. You will find easy to share your non-profit website links.

  • Click Through Rate

Click through rate involves the PPC ads (PPC stands for Pay Per Click). This is the technique which is most effective you can say which can help you to achieve your goal faster. PPC ads works on principle of 1+1 = 2.25. As stated earlier, suppose your page is on page 4 of search and you have PPC in place your website and search user gets your ad on side bar of Google lets say. So your site page is being ranked as well as ad also appears in side which leads to higher click through rate.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while using this technique is to modify the title and description appropriately in ad and the search result.

  • Improve On-Page Content

This is the technique where some changes must be made in the website. Google’s search algorithm considers many aspect while ranking your page be it your site layout, UX part, etc. Always try to make your website content as interesting as possible. Make it funny, easily sharable which leads to higher page ranking. Site structure can also be modified to achieve the higher results.

  • Internal Links

This technique is some what complex to understand. As we told you that external links can make your website with existing content get higher rank, internal links also play a key role. Internal links in your website between pages should be provided with rich text and media like images. Consolidate your internal links with media wherever it possible.

At last Branding also matters when you wanna get higher rank for your specified related website search. You should have your brand name which conveys your business perceptive. You can try this techniques to get higher rank and we hope you will find some success with it.

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    • 5 years ago

      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Very good Bhavik, techniques mentioned by you can become very helpful to increase webpage ranking.

    • 5 years ago

      Sneha   /   Reply

      Really a good post to read. The tips mentioned are the 4 pillars to get the higher ranking in Google. Specially point 2 is new for me and will definitely use it.

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