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3 Time Saving And Effective Inbound Marketing Tips

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Marketing is an important part of any business. What is the purpose of your business? Why you are running your business?  The answer is,” to get customers”, so that you can help them by your service or product. There are many ways of doing marketing. Such as advertisement on TV and radio, newspaper, magazines and so on. But don’t you think these are little bit old ways to do marketing. Now think, what you do if you want to purchase any electronic gadget say smartphone. Probably, you will search different sites on Google, compare products and prices and then take a decision. This indicates that slowly people’s mindset are changing. They want to analyze themselves while taking any purchase decision on the basis of information they get through the internet. The success stories of big eCommerce giants Amazon, flip-kart, snapdeal tells the truth about changing marketing trends.

Now a days the latest marketing trend is Inbound marketing. People want simple, short but quality information in a just few clicks on their smartphone, tablets and laptop. Inbound marketing is one of the most effective methodology for the current business professionals. It is nothing but the education tool through which you can inform, educate your customer about a product or service. Inbound marketing is all about creating simple, pure and right content for your right audience at the right time. But just creating good content or getting the highest number of visitors is not only the aim of inbound marketing. The ultimate aim of this is the conversion potential leads into customers by educating them about your brand. In short, simple funda behind the inbound marketing is “Keep customers happy by informing them”.

According to research carried by Hubspot in US, total number of leads generated by inbound marketing are more than leads generated by outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is cost effective as compared to traditional marketing methods, so many entrepreneurs are turning towards this method. But is that easy to generate target specific content  for the target audience? No, certainly not. Many entrepreneurs want to apply inbound marketing tactics to their businesses, but due to lack of knowledge they get failed. You can apply inbound marketing methodology to tour business by adapting simple tips.

full-spectrum-inbound-marketingTip 1- Learn to Adapt and engage your customers at the right time

There are millions of people who daily visit on different websites, do different searches in search engines, etc. Before creating ant content it is important to analyze certain questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Your service or product is useful for which people?
  • How it can solve the problem?
  • What other effective alternatives you are providing for specific problems?

Your products or services can solve a specific problem for a specific market. You might have a wide ranging applications, but your prospects and most likely conversions will come from that group who truly needs your solution. It is important to narrow your target audience so that you can focus on the right segment. You can find the right audience on the basis of their industry, location and their behavior on the website.

After deciding target audience or after creating right segment , now it is time to take action. You can create content in the form of blogs, ebooks, webinars, videos, etc and can attract your customers by placing appropriate ads on your website. Try to always focus on your core audience while creating content. Try to engage them in real time by providing appropriate calls to action (CTAs) after each of your content. Proper CTA’s and landing pages guide prospects through their journey on your website and help them to take a further decision.  Identify the problems that targets face and provide them a real time solution.

2) Tip 2- Provide the right information

Daily millions of people use the internet for searching something. Recent Google statistic shows that Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. In India alone, more than 74 millions of internet users are present. But often it is observed that people waste their time in searching and comparing product or service which they are looking for. So here is the great opportunity for you to give prospects exactly what they want for their problem. Identify the problem and inform them about your product and services and tell them that how your product can solve their problem. Appropriate case studies and videos of your past clients can definitely help prospects to solve their problem.

Your customers, prospects, site visitors, targeted audience may come from various sources, so try to keep consistency in overall sales and marketing process. It is good to use the same images, colors and fonts for your different pages, right from your CTAs to landing pages. The transition from one page to another should feel like a logical progression. Distraction free and consistent pages will helps prospect to stay more time on your website and increase the chances of being customers.

3) Tip 3- Must be able to adapt in real time

Nothing is consistent. Whatever content you have produced on your website, is that useful forever? No, certainly not. Keep in mind that you are creating content for your target audience and their needs are changing continuously. So to address them properly you have to keep yourself updated with the current marketing trends, problems faced by prospects and current technology. Continuous improvement is only way to sustain in the market.

To keep updated yourself, consult your analytics regularly. take the feedbacks from your team members, customers and willing customers. A/B testing is the best way to get direct feedback on design features and user experience. Identify poorly performing web pages and accordingly update them or delete them. List out what is working and what is not working. You can use this information for next new ideas and products. Social media is the great way to communicate with prospects. So identify which social media is in trend and accordingly update yourself on that channel. Conversion rate tells the success story of your business, but there are many small things which contribute to the overall measurement. So keep in mind that each and every bit of information is important.

Are you marketing your business using inbound marketing methodologies? Write your views in comment box.

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