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3 Tips That Help You Set The Right Approach To Connect Better With Customers On Social Media

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Social media marketing is a game of interaction with your existing as well as prospective customers. Therefore, the more you can connect with them, the better. Here you can not expect to have good results from your efforts unless and until you are able to strike a chord with both the types of customers. It is for this reason only that the given below three tips are absolutely a must for your small business:

1. Interact in direct manner

To be successful on social media, you have to show your best conversational skills so as to be able to convey to your customers that you are listening to them. Unless you are able to keep your customers engaged, they will be inclined to leave in search of better options. Their interest can easily be sustained if you adopt a responsive and informal style of engagement and respond directly to their questions and observations in a time bound manner. It will further help you if you, on your own, invite their suggestions and queries as it will make them feel important and associate with your small business emotionally.

2. Ensure quick response

To be fully successful in Social media marketing, you should ensure prompt response to your customers questions or requirements. You should always remain active in your group on the social network by participating in all the discussions taking place there in your area of interest or expertise. This will make them feel like your trusted friends.  Whenever you see any question or expression of opinion by them, try to respond fast.  You can also pose some questions to them in return which will  not only make the conversation informal and friendly but also help in continuing the dialogue.

3. Be a valuable friend

Your mere participation and interaction is not sufficient to sustain interest in your social networking.  It is even more true if you decide to have your own group /community rather than joining some existing one. Unless you provide people with true value in interacting with you , there will be no reason for them to keep participating in your social media community. Not only you have to interact with your customers regularly, you have to also create opportunities for the members in your social media community to reach out to each other so as to make this social community a very popular and profitable online destination.

You should not, however, restrict your social networking to business deals alone.  You should simultaneously try to make  your friends and followers feel important by offering rewards or promotional offers exclusively for online customers. But here, you will be well advised not to make promotional offers on a random or casual basis since such offers tend to result into short term gains and may not actually expand your customer base in the long run. So, you need to devise a strategy or programme where you can ensure rewards to your staunch supporters and loyal customers.

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