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3 Tips To Effectively Design Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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The following are the 3 effective tips to design your social media strategy smartly-

1. Schedule Your Updates Smartly

If you want to succeed with social media, then, you must understand the working science behind the time scheduling of your posts. The posts or better say important posts in which you have put in a lot of efforts to collect and bring in some nice and useful information for your followers must be seen by them. But how would you ensure this? An effective way that many experts suggest is to post your content in fixed time slots, say, during the popular lunch or dinner hours. There are higher chances of your post being read or at least scanned through if people encounter them in their relaxed hours.

2. Grow Your Audience

Be friendly! It is important to post good content on social media, but it is even more important to build a connection between yourself and your online followers or admirers. How will you do it? Take for example ‘Twitter’. You can grow your audience on Twitter by simply hitting the favourite button below a tweet to show your gratitude for the person who has tweeted about your stuff. If you have time, then, you can reply them in detail but just making their tweet favourite will be able to make a positive difference. You can search for the people who are mentioning you by your name, company’s URL or any hashtags or keywords. The same thing holds true for other social media platforms as well and you must definitely try to connect with your admirers and make your social media strategy a complete success.

3.  Be Updated On The Changing Guidelines

No matter which technology you are making use of, it is highly important for you to be updated about its latest features. You must be adequately aware about the changing guidelines about the same. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest there is always a call for you to know the guidelines clearly.

For example – Facebook recently relaxed some of its guidelines that allow businesses to use the Like and Comment feature to prompt public response in a competition and also announce the winners via the status updates and the Facebook messages. The guidelines are something that are as dynamic as the social media itself. Hence, it is required that you ensure that you are well aware about the same.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      What will happen if a person tweet along with the username of one of his followers or his/her own company? Will it reach to audience in general?

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